The DioField Chronicle: Best Skills For Each Class

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The DioField Chronicle has many ways for you to approach each scenario which is further enhanced by allowing you to equip your units with unique Skills depending on their Class. There are four Class Types in The DioField Chronicle, each with two Sub-Classes (except for Soldier, which has three), broadening your options to nine Classes total.

These Classes have access to a wide range of devastating Skills that can swing an encounter in your favor if appropriately executed. While all Skills are useful to some degree, some are a much better fit for specific Classes as they target what they specialize in and allow them to utilize their full potential in combat.

Best Soldier Skills

Despite what their Sub-Classes may imply, the Soldier Class is the Defensive Class of the bunch and excel at being up close and personal with the opposing forces, serving as your Unit's protection. As a result, their Skills revolve around setting up strategic pushes and finding unique ways to damage the enemy while keeping themselves and their allies safe.

Below, you will find the best Skills for the Dagger, Sword and Shield, and Axe Classes in The DioField Chronicle to help you maximize their potential, turning them into an unstoppable force on the battlefield!

Best Dagger Skills

SkillDescriptionPotencyCooldownRequired EP
AssassinationAttack with a potency of 450.

Landing a finishing blow with Assassination will reduce all cooldowns to 0s.

450 Power8s20 EP
Avatar RushAttack with a potency of 350.

When used on an enemy with HP at 25 percent or less, potency is increased to 700.

350 Power5s20 EP
Shadow StepSwiftly move behind your target and attack with a potency of 650.

You will deal extra damage if your target currently has a debuff or ailment.

650 Power20s35 EP

Best Sword And Shield Skills

SkillDescriptionPotencyCooldownRequired EP
Phantom SwordAttack with a potency of 450 and apply the Weakness debuff on your target.

Enemy Cavalier Units receive extra damage.

450 Power20s40 EP
Roundhouse SlashAttack with a potency of 250 and apply the Provoke debuff on your target.250 Power5s20 EP
Shield BashAttack with a potency of 200 and apply the Stun debuff on your target.200 Power8s25 EP

Best Axe Skills

SkillDescriptionPotencyCooldownRequired EP
Axe of GraceAttack with a potency of 400 and receive the same amount of HP back on hit.

Apply the Provoke debuff on enemies.

400 Power5s25 EP
Deadly ChaserAttack with a potency of 650.

Enchanted Beasts receive extra damage.

650 Power20s40 EP
Heavy SmashAttack with a potency of 350 before traveling to your target's location.

The lower your HP, the higher the attack's potency will be.

350 Power8s25 EP

Best Cavalier Skills

Cavelier's are one of the best Offensive Classes in The DioField Chronicle. Their excellent movement makes them agile on the battlefield, allowing them to get close to their opponent and create space whenever needed. Cavelier's main gimmick is that they can displace enemy units, allowing them to place them in poor situations.

The Lance and Claws Sub-Classes make up the Cavelier Class, so let us go over how you can turn both of them into a formidable force to run into in combat!

Best Lance Skills

SkillDescriptionPotencyCooldownRequired EP
Full Frontal AssaultCharge forward, attacking with 250 potency to all enemies in your pathing.250 Power5s15 EP
Lance StrikeAttack with a potency of 450 to all enemy units in the area.

Enemy Sharpshooter Units receive extra damage.

450 Power20s35 EP
Vicious SwingCharge forward, attacking with 200 potency to all enemies in your pathing.

Enemy Units will be knocked in front of you on contact, pushing them away from the area.

200 Power8s25 EP

Best Claws Skills

SkillDescriptionPotencyCooldownRequired EP
CycloneAttack with a potency of 450 to all enemies in the area.450 Power20s40 EP
Flame AssaultCharge forward, attacking with 250 potency to all enemies in your pathing.

As you charge forward, you will set the ground ablaze, inflicting the Burn debuff on anyone it touches.

250 Power8s20 EP
Wings of the StormAttack with a potency of 200 and attract enemy units to the middle of the marked area.200 Power10s30 EP

Best Magicker Skills

Perhaps the most powerful Class in The DioField Chronicle is the Magicker, which acts as a Support and Offensive Class, dealing devastating amounts of damage that cover a large area of effect with the ability to keep all units on the field alive. Furthermore, they can cast various debuffs and ailments on enemy units and remove them from friendly units, giving you a considerable advantage in battle.

Magicker consists of the Staff and Wand Sub-Classes, so let's look at what makes them such a dominant force on the battlefield and how you can make them even more formidable!

Best Staff Skills

SkillDescriptionPotencyCooldownRequired EP
IgnitionCast an area of effect at a selected location that grants ally Units within it the Rapidity buff.

Rapidity raises auto attack, cooldown, and movement speed by 50 percent for 20s.

N/A10s30 EP
Magical ForceAttack with a potency of 450.

Enemy Soldier Units receive extra damage.

450 Power20s35 EP
PandemicAttack with a potency of 200.

If your target currently has a debuff or status effect, it will spread to all other enemy Units in the area.

200 Power8s25 EP

Best Wand Skills

SkillDescriptionPotencyCooldownRequired EP
Frenzied SoulAttack with a potency of 400 to all enemies in the area.

Part of your total damage dealt will be converted into HP for all ally Units in the area.

400 Power20s45 EP
Lightning RodPlace an electrically charged rod in the ground at a specified area that periodically damages all enemies in the area with a potency of 150.

Slight chance to apply the Stun debuff on enemies.

150 Power15s30 EP
SanctuaryCast an area of effect at a selected location that restores all ally Unit's HP within it over a period of time.N/A15s35 EP

Best Sharpshooter Skills

Lastly, we have the Sharpshooter Class, your Ranged Offensive option, allowing you to deal considerable damage from a safe distance. Sharpshooters thrive when far away from their opponent and have several movement hindering Skills at their disposal to keep it that way. When utilized correctly, Sharpshooters can deal immense damage and give you the upper hand by slowing or keeping enemies in place.

The Bow and Firearm Sub-Classes will make up the Sharpshooter Class. So, without further ado, let's see what makes them click and how to build them properly to extract their true potential from their gameplay.

Best Bow Skills

SkillDescriptionPotencyCooldownRequired EP
Concentrated VolleyAttack with a potency of 600.

Enemy Magicker Units receive extra damage.

600 Power20s35 EP
Stun ShotAttack with a potency of 150.

Apply the Stun debuff on enemies.

150 Power10s30 EP
Trap CasterPlace a trap at a specified area that triggers and explodes when an enemy unit passes over it.

Damage potency scales alongside your cooldown timer, increasing with each tick of the timer.

300 Power10s20 EP

Best Firearm Skills

SkillDescriptionPotencyCooldownRequired EP
Chain ShotAttack with a ricocheting shot with a potency of 400 that travels from one enemy Unity to another in the specified area.

Apply the Weakness debuff on enemies.

400 Power12s35 EP
Chaos ClusterAttack with a potency of 350.

You will apply one of the following status effects on your target: Burn, Delay, Poison, and Stun.

350 Power10s35 EP
RailgunAttack with a potency of 250 to all enemies in the area.

Attack potency increases when there are more enemies in the area.

250 Power8s25 EP

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