The DioField Chronicle: Chapter 3 – Ashes And Glory Walkthrough

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  • Hand Of Salvation
  • Escort The Priests
  • Defend Duke Hende
  • Battle At Ghost Crypt
  • Quell The Riots
  • Recapture Teggaria

We're back for the thrilling third chapter of The DioField Chronicle. Your time will be spent working through a diverse set of missions. This includes everything from defending your base, and beating back armies, to escorting a carriage to safety. And don't worry, you will still have plenty of opportunities to wipe out scads of enemies. You may even commit a war crime or two along the way!

Similar to how the missions were structured in previous chapters, there is a gradual ramp in difficulty here. Inevitably, it will all conclude with your toughest mission yet. But worry not, friends, we've got all the tips you'll need to see your way through these encounters.

Hand Of Salvation

Once you are back at your home base, you will have a ton of things to do. You will be able to talk to Rickenback and Iscarion. Not only will you gain some insight into their characters, but you will also score 2,000 Gold for each interaction. You can upgrade the weapon development facility, Magilumic Orb Research Facility, and your shop for 2,500 gold each.

After that, talk to Lorraine. She should have a new side mission for you. You will also bounce between talking to Fredret and Izelair, which will result in you upgrading your kitchen multiple times. This will also lead to you unlocking another Side Mission. Once you have finished with all these tasks, head to the War Room and begin your next mission.

Escort The Priests

Recommended Level18
EnemiesPhase 111x Lv 13 Wolves, 3x Lv 15 Crossbow Ogres
Phase 21x Lv 22 Salamander
ObjectiveDefeat all enemies
DefeatAll allies defeated
Carriage Destroyed
RewardsComplete the mission3450 Gold
Allow no allies to fall in battle1 SP
Complete mission in 6 minGold Bar
Find the treasure chestJade Crystal
Difficulty★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ (2/10)

When you read "Carriage Destroyed" as a condition for defeat, you may think that the carriage has a set amount of HP, and it can only sustain so much damage. That is not the case. If it arrives at a location, and there is a monster alive there, you will instantly fail the mission. So, make sure you are clearing those monsters in time.

The first phase of this battle is going to be pretty straight forward. Attack the group of Wolves with your entire unit, then move everyone toward the barricade except Fredret. Fredret is running to the right and grabbing that chest; don't worry, he's fast, he will make it back to the barricade before too much of the fighting has occurred. Have one of your soldiers use their Shield Wall ability at the barricade, this will distract the Ogre while you kill the wolves and break through said barricade. Then take out the Ogre.

You will curve around the rock outcrop and encounter another group of wolves, and you kill them, you will hit a second barricade with two ogres on the other side. You can repeat the same strategy with this barricade as you did the first, but if the carriage is closing in, you may want to opt for a more aggressive approach. Have Fredret use his Full Frontal Assault to get to the other side, and use Andrias' Shadow Step to do the same (if you don't have access to that skill, his Assassin skill will do the trick as well).

Partway through this encounter, another set of wolves will appear behind the carriage. Just send any of your non-ranged characters to occupy them. They only need to hold them off, once the Ogre's are dead you can send Fredret to help finish them off. Once the carriage reaches the marker, you will now have to fight a giant salamander. It has two health bars, and a few very avoidable attacks. Despite being big, it isn't a real threat. It won't take long to kill. Upon defeating the Salamander, you will recruit Estalt.

New Recruit: Estalt

Estalt is your second staff wielding Magic user, which means that he will have access to the same attacks as Waltaquin. Having both Estalt and Waltaquin means that you are capable of bombarding groups of enemies with their Meteor Fall spells. Having two of the same unit ultimately gives you more flexibility in your team composition.

Of Alliances And Avarice

You will be back to your war tent once again. And… there is nothing specific to do here. Just resupply and accept the mission when you are ready to engage in the next primary mission.

Defend Duke Hende

Recommended Level19
EnemiesPhase 12x Lv 17 Cavalry, 2x Lv 14 Soldiers, 4x Lv 14 Archers
Phase 23x Lv 18 Cavalry, 2x Lv 16 Soldiers, 2x Lv 15 Archers
Phase 33x Lv 21 Cavalry, 2x Lv 16 Soldiers, 2x Lv 15 Archers
ObjectiveDefeat all enemies.
DefeatAll allies defeated
Barricade Destroyed
RewardsComplete the mission.3795 Gold
Allow no allies to fall in battle.1 SP
Complete mission in 6 min.Gold Bar
Find the treasure chestJade Crystal
Difficulty★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ (2/10)

This is a classic three-phaser. While there are a ton of troops on this stage, they are all quite weak. So, when prepping, we strongly suggest you focus on equipping your troops with attacks that hit multiple units. Make sure that every unit pair has at least one. Andrias' lunging attack can work, but you are going to need to make sure that you use it intelligently, as if you leap into the center of a group you may end up unclustering them, which is a bad idea.

Each phase is going to play out very similarly. In each phase, there will be a large force and a smaller force, both groups rush your position. Send a Cavalry unit over to deal with the smaller group, as your other three units bombard the larger group with AOE attacks. You can use the bridges as bottlenecks, but since they are coming locked and loaded with a number of Cavalry units, that will make it hard to avoid their Head On Assault attacks. So, it is better to meet them at the mouth of the bridge (which is also where the exploding barrels are conveniently located).

Once again, while there are lots of them, these enemies are pretty weak. So, you will typically be able to clear them out in a turn or two of special attacks and spells. Once you finish with the big group, send someone down to help your Cavalry unit fighting off the smaller group (if they do, in fact, need help). You will rinse and repeat this approach three times and then the battle will be over.

A Call From The Grave

Once back at the base, you will have an opportunity to talk to Estalt and Fredret. These interactions will not only grant you 2,000 gold a piece, but will also rank your unit up! This will grant you a very sexy 10 SP. Talk to Waltaquin when you are ready to engage the main mission. Then, go to the war room, and select it on the map. You will also now recruit Castevere.

New Recruit: Castevere

Castevere is your second Cavalier. As you have almost certainly already realized, the mobility of this unit type is an absolute godsend in battle. The Cavalier pairs brilliantly with most other characters, as you get the best of both worlds: the Cavalier's excellent mobility as well as the secondary class' potent skillset. The Cavalier class also has very solid all-around stats, which only furthers their utility when paired with other units.

Battle At Ghost Crypt

Recommended Level20
EnemiesPhase 11x Lv 17 Soldier, 2x Lv 19 Soldiers, 1x Lv 17 Archer
Phase 24x Lv 18 Soldiers, 2x Lv 18 Archers, 2x Lv 20 Soldier, 1x Lv 20 Mage
Phase 32x Lv 18 Soldiers, 3x Lv 17 Mage, 1x Lv 25 Zakariah (Soldier), 1x Lv 25 Engram (Archer)
ObjectiveDefeat all enemies
DefeatAll allies defeated
RewardsComplete the mission4140 Gold
Allow no allies to fall in battle1 SP
Complete mission in 8 minGold Bar
Find the treasure chestJade Crystal
Difficulty★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ (3/10)

If you equipped your units with AOE attacks for the last mission, we recommend keeping their loadouts as they are. Those AOE attacks will serve you will here.

The first batch of Soldiers and Archers are perfunctory and weak. Just smash your unit up against them. After you open up the gate, you will enter into a large room with large amount of substantially stronger units. There are towers on both ends that need to be taken over in order to move onto the next phase. While splitting your forces is absolutely an option here, we have a different solution that will help you save time. Have one of your Cavalry units run past all the different soldiers in the main room, and lead them to the tower room on the right (which is where you will send the rest of your units).

While this will lead to a huge mass of enemies attacking you at once, if you still have all those attacks that hit multiple enemies equipped, then you will be able to cycle through those attacks and quickly take them all out. This is the quickest way to clear out this room. If things start to get hairy, use the Shield Wall skill with one of your soldiers to take all the attention, which will allow you to heal your troops up (or swap them out if things are dire enough).

Once you clear out all the soldiers, activate the tower, and then send all your troops over to the left side of the room. Here you will need to just take out a single Soldier and a single Archer. Activate that tower, and it is on to phase three. Just take out the two Soldiers guarding the room, and then charge in. Focus on killing the mages before you take on Zakariah and Engram. Your troops will be able to kill these mages pretty quickly, as they are super squishy.

From there, it will just be Zakariah and Engram. Which are, for all intents and purposes, just a buffed up Archer and Soldier. Focus you attention on the archer first, then when he is dead, take out the soldier. You will also have tons of energy for summoning at this point. Personally, at this stage in the game, we started using Goldhorne more often to heal and give replenish EP. However, all the summons will help speed up the battle. Once you slay the nobles, you will be greeted to a fancy cinematic and the mission will be completed.

The Raised Fist

Once back at the base, go to the second floor and talk to Castevere and Waltaquin. Both interactions will net you an additional 2,000 gold each. Once you are through there, talk to Iscarion in the war room, and you will be given your next mission.

Quell The Riots

Recommended Level21
EnemiesPhase 15x Lv 20 Soldiers, 2x Lv 20 Archers
Phase 25x Lv 20 Soldiers, 5x Lv 20 Archers
Phase 32x Lv 22 Soldiers, 2x Lv 20 Archers, 1x Lv 22 Cavalry, 2x Lv 20 Cavalry units
Phase 42x Lv 20 Archers, 2x Lv 22 Soldiers, 1x Lv 22 Cavalry
ObjectiveDefeat all enemies
DefeatAll allies defeated
Barricade Destroyed
RewardsComplete the mission4830 Gold
Allow no allies to fall in battle1 SP
Complete mission in 8 minGold Bar
Find the treasure chestJade Crystal
Difficulty★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆ (4/10)

If you haven't been doing your side quests, you will probably be coming in a touch under leveled. That isn't a huge issue, but it just means you will have to play a little more carefully.

To your left there will be a group with two Archers and two Soldiers, and to your right is a group with three Soldiers. The group on your left is much closer, so throw your entire force at them. Make sure to keep tabs on the other group. Once they are about to reach the barrels on their path, run an archer down there and shoot the barrels. Around that time, your main force should have mopped up the first group, and you can throw them at the other. If this timing is a little tight for you, you can always send one of your Soldier units there way and use the Shield Wall ability to stop their progress.

At some point you are going to have to get the treasure chest sitting on the south side of the map. Your best bet is to run a Cavalry unit down there to grab it near the end of the first phase.

The next phase will see three groups positioned to your left, below you, and to the right. Once again, the units on your left should be taken care of first. Wait for the rest to approach your position. Explode the barrels on the Soldiers, and send a Cavalry unit to hold off the archers. The soldiers won't take long to finish off with the rest of your squad, once they are dead move everyone over to finish off the archers.

In the final phase, you will have to contend with a squad of Cavalry units and another group of Archers and Soldiers. The Cavalry unit will reach you first, so take care of them as quickly as possible. Keep an eye out for the other unit, and peel off an archer to explode a barrel as they approach from the left. Once you have finished the Cavalry off, rush them over to take care of the other group. If any of your units are hurting, this is the time to pick up shards and swap out units, as the fourth wave is going to approach soon.

The fourth wave will see a group of two Archers and a Soldier approach from the left, a Cavalry unit and two Archers from down below, and two Archers and a Soldier from the right. Split your unit in two and fight the group on the right and left simultaneously. Just as you are finishing them off, the third will arrive, and you will be able to converge on them. As always, if you need to buy yourself some time to finish off one of the other units, throw a Shield Wall up in front of the final troupe.

The Blue Foxes Laugh

This time back at the base we have interactions with Donovar and Shivat. Talk to them, get your 4,000 gold, and then head upstairs and talk with Fredret. A short dialogue will play, and you will be introduced to Umarida, your newest squad member. Once you are done, head to the war room and take the final mission of this chapter: Recapture Teggaria.

New Recruit: Umarida

Umarida is a ranged fighter, but unlike the others you have already acquired, she uses firearm. This makes her capable of fighting from an even great distance. She also has access to skills like the Chain Shot and the Shell Shot, which are both attacks that hit an extremely large swathe of enemies. When you are looking to deal damage to groups, Umarida should be your go-to unit.

Recapture Teggaria

Recommended Level23
EnemiesPhase 13x Lv 20 Soldiers, 3x Lv 20 Archers, 1x Lv 22 Club Gigas, 1x Lv 22 Crossbow Gigas
Phase 22x Lv 23 Soldiers, 4x Lv 21 Gunmen
Phase 34x Lv 23 Gunmen, 1x Lv 23 Club Gigas, 1x Lv 23 Crossbow Gigas 1x Lv 30 Ozmaldo (Wyvern Rider)
ObjectiveDefeat all enemies
DefeatAll allies defeated
RewardsComplete the mission4140 Gold
Allow no allies to fall in battle1 SP
Complete mission in 8 minGold Bar
Find the treasure chestJade Crystal
Difficulty★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ (6/10)

While this is a pretty difficult battle, your strategy is actually going to be very straightforward. You are going to march your entire part through the Gunmen and Soldier blocking your path. After you take them out, send a Cavalry unit to grab the nearby treasure chest, and send everyone else to fight the Gigas in the center of the stage. Once you engage the Gigas, two Soldiers will travel down to fight alongside the behemoth. Just stay active in dodging the Gigas' attacks, and you should be fine.

Once you have cleared out that bunch, you are going to want to fight the Crossbow Wielding Gigas and the two archers. However, they have a Cannon Tower defending them. So, what you want to do is run a Cavalry unit right past them and take out the Tower. If you have both Fredret and Castevere in your party, that is even better; send them both, as it will minimize the damage they take. Once the Cannon is destroyed, attack the archers from both sides.

The next phase is a bit of a gimmie. Two soldiers will appear at the top of the stairs, and another squadron of Gunment will appear by the dock. Throw your entire force at the two soldiers, and by the time you are finished with them, the Gunmen will just be arriving. Like all ranged units, they don't hold up well to melee combat, so sweep down and take them out. You are at the final stage of this battle. Ozmaldo (a Wyvern Rider) will appear alongside two Gunmen. However, that isn't all. Two more Gigases will attack from the side as well.

Ozmaldo can dish out a ton of damage, and he takes it just as well. You are going to want to liberally use your Shield Wall here to constantly keep every enemy distracted. Use AOE attacks to hit everyone, and take out all Ozmaldo's minions. Once you have killed everything, you are going to focus on Ozmaldo himself. Make sure you hit those dodges, keep your units healed, and stay on top of him.

You will most likely need to swap units out a couple of times. Once he is down to a single life bar, he will be assisted by two more Gunmen. Like before, you are going to want to use the Shield Wall to draw everyone's attention, take out the Gunmen, and then refocus your attention on Ozmaldo. You should have more than enough energy to use multiple summons. We think Goldhorne gives you the best bang for your buck at this point; especially if you have invested some points into improving how much EP they replenish. Ozmaldo will fall soon after, and you will be greeted with a cutcene. Now, just sit back and enjoy the show!

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