The Division 2 Update Countdown: Release Date, downtime, PS4, Xbox Patch Notes

The Division 2 Title Update 6.1 is set to arrive on PS4, Xbox One and PC this week introducing a brand new holiday event, a new mode, a flurry of hotfixes and much more.

The holiday event will introduce free Santa hats for all players, plus a themed snowball-launching weapon known as the “Sleigher”.

Which for reference, can only be said out loud in the same way that a metal fan might pronounce SLAYER the band..

In addition, a permadeath Hardcore mode will also arrive with Title Update 6.1. However, the developers do seem keen to stress that it’s not yet complete, so it'll either be pushed back or more buggy than an episode of I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here .

There's a lot more info about the new Title Update which can be found in the State of Play livestream just below, but keep reading for the topline changes you can expect to see in the update coming tomorrow, plus details on server downtime as well.

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Holiday Event – Situation: Snowball

Ubisoft says that during the event, the game will get a new look, including a festive makeover for the login screen.

Here's what else Ubisoft has said:

  • Players can grab a holiday care package that includes a festive Santa hat and three pieces of equipment.

  • Additionally, there are reports of Hoarder NPCs spotted in Washington D.C. who are wearing Santa Hats. These up-to-no-goods offer a special treat, if you can find and kill them: The Sleigher Tommy Gun! This named weapon shoots snowballs and comes with a unique talent "Hidden Rock"—headshots apply confuse, can occur every 20 seconds.

  • How do you get your hands on it? Your first Santa-Hat-wearing Hoarder will drop the gun, guaranteed.

  • Afterward, all Hoarders wearing hats will have a chance to drop another.

New Apparel Event #5 – Silent Night

The fifth Apparel Event also starts with the introduction of Title Update 6.1 and will feature a dark winter theme.

"For our newer Agents, Apparel Events offer an opportunity to earn new cosmetic items through limited-time Apparel Caches," Ubisoft explains.

This time around the Silent Night Apparel Cache features 35 new apparel items to collect.

All players need to do is earn keys to open this cache through gameplay or direct purchase before the event ends on January 7.

Also don't forget that players who log in during the event receive one free Apparel Cache key (Year One Pass holders will also receive an additional three keys as a bonus).

How to get Apparel Event Keys

Changes have been made to how players acquire Apparel Event Keys:

  • Guaranteed key with every three Field Proficiencies.

  • Guaranteed key with every five Dark Zone Proficiencies.

  • Weekly Apparel Projects reward three keys.

  • Gifting Apparel Event Keys is now possible.

Will The Division 2 Title Update 6.1 require server downtime?

Yes! As per usual players can expect that before the games next update is released the game servers will go offline on PS4, Xbox One and PC whilst Ubisoft update the game.

According to the developers, the new update will arrive on December 10 "during the normal maintenance window" which for those who don't know, is usually between 12:30 AM PST and 3:30 AM PST.

For those in the UK without a deep knowledge of timezones, that's 8.30 AM GMT until 11.30 AM GMT. So roughly three hours.

Anything Else? Yes, Cassie Mendoza changes

Following the last Division 2 state of play livestream, the Ubisoft team followed up with more information on changes they'll be introducing to the Division 2 vendor, Cassie Mendoza .

Here's the full explanation of the changes the developers are looking to implement, which to boil it all down, is basically making it easier to know when she's available and also simplifying whats she's selling each week.

When looking at the current way the stock for Cassie is created, we found a couple of bugs (as mentioned in the previous post) but also some technical things that added to the confusion.

As Cassie’s stock could include items that required you to possess a Blueprint of that item, it could happen that one player would see a different stock than another. On top of it, if you acquired said Blueprint at a later stage it could happen that Cassie’s stock changed by overwriting an item. We don’t think that her stock was very clear and with it possibly changing while she was active offered a not so great experience.

With TU6.1, which is coming on December 10th as mentioned on State of the Game #140, we’re making changes to Cassie’s stock. When the update is live, Cassie will always offer two named items, one Weapon and one Gear slot item. Additionally, if you have opened the Ivory Key lockbox in the Base of Operation, she will always offer the Shield Splinterer each rotation. We will also exclude any named items that require Blueprints from the Special Field Research from that point on, to ensure that the stock is always available to all players, regardless of their progress in the Field Research.

We also hear concerns about her timers and that it’s not always clear when Cassie is available and when she’s away. We are adding some UI elements in TU6.1 which should make it clearer and help avoid situations where you’re set out to find her just to realize that she’s currently closed for business.

The Division 2 Title Update 6.1 Early Patch Notes

Upcoming Fixes

  • The developers have made further audio improvements, which should mean that instances where audio cuts out or stops completely should be much rarer.
  • Fixing an issue that causes Apparel items to stop dropping in the world before players have collected all 72 items.
  • Fixing an issue that causes players to be unable to send text messages in any chat channel under certain circumstances.
  • Turning off the alarm sound in the Base of Operations.
  • Improving loot UI to hide dropped item details while in combat, so they don’t block the Agent’s view.
  • Fixing an issue that prevents some Xbox One players from installing the game from disc.
  • Fixing issues with Cassie Mendoza, including spawn and notification glitches.
  • There are some fixes in 6.1 for invisible walls and NPCs getting stuck, but the developers are continuing to investigate these issues for future fixes.

Small balance changes to the Negotiator’s Dilemma 3 Piece Talent “Blowback”

  • Updated to change the behavior of the launched grenade.
  • The grenade no longer explodes immediately on contact.
  • The grenade now has a fuse timer (currently 2 seconds) from launch before it explodes.
  • The UI now appears immediately on launch to warn players of the incoming projectile.
  • If the fuse is not finished, it will land on the ground and wait for the fuse to end before exploding.

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Holiday Event – Situation: Snowball

  • Washington, DC is still being fought over by all factions and the Division, but there should always be time for holidays and presents.
  • During the event, the game will get a new look, including a festive makeover for the login screen.
  • Players can grab a holiday care package that includes a festive Santa hat and three pieces of equipment.
  • Ambusher crews have a random chance to appear wearing Santa hats. Killing the “Hoarder” NPC wearing a hat has the chance to drop “The Sleigher” (guaranteed to drop the first time), a weapon that shoots snowballs and confuses enemies when hit.

Apparel Event #5 – Silent Night

  • Runs from December 10 through December 31, and keys can be used until January 7.
  • Players who log in during the event receives one free Apparel Cache key (Year One Pass holders will receive an additional three keys as a bonus).

Changes have been made to how players acquire Apparel Event Keys:

  • Guaranteed key with every three Field Proficiencies.
  • Guaranteed key with every five Dark Zone Proficiencies.
  • Weekly Apparel Projects reward three keys.
  • Gifting Apparel Event Keys is now possible.

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Hardcore Mode

With the holidays around the corner, the developers want to try something out and deliver a surprise for players. For the past couple of months, they have been working on a side project that they think will add a lot of fun for players, as well as a new way to engage with the game. With the caveat that it’ll be in beta at release, this small addition to the game will arrive next week with TU6.1.

Details of Hardcore Mode:

  • Permadeath – players begin Hardcore Mode with a new Agent, lose all progress and items on death, and can then start again.
  • If all a player’s character slots are full, they’ll need to delete one to create a Hardcore character.
  • Hardcore characters don’t have access to the Stash, and no gameplay rewards from Hardcore mode carry over to a player’s other Agents.
  • Hardcore Agents play on Hardcore-only servers, and can only play in co-op with other Hardcore players.
  • Hardcore Mode comes with special vanity rewards, including a YOLO hat awarded for reaching level 2.

More work is still needed on Hardcore Mode, but the developers are releasing it in beta because they feel that it’s already a fun addition to the game, and adds something new for players to experience. Some things haven’t yet been implemented as fully envisioned by the developers, and there are planned features that haven’t yet been added. However, the team would like to hear from players via the subreddit and forums .

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