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There are lots of things that can people but one of the most terrifying is that lurk within the darkest parts of the human mind. After the horrifying nightmares experienced in The Evil Within, the heroes have returned for more psychological punishment in The Evil Within 2.

The issue with collectibles in horror games is that you typically don’t want to spend too much time lingering in any one area for fear of drawing attention. However, if you’re hoping to complete the game fully, then you’ll need to risk it. A prominent collectible is the Locker Key and you should brace yourself because there are over 32 of them.

Locker Key Locations

The keys don’t appear until Chapter 3 so enjoy rushing through until then. They’re all hidden inside a white statue of a robed woman that you’ll need to break to get the key. While they're not necessary to complete the story, you can use them to unlock the Nurse's lockers to get useful things like healing items and extra ammo.

Chapter 3

  • Key #1: You can find this one on a bench behind a white van on the main street.
  • Key #2: This one is at the front of the church behind the altar where a corpse lies.
  • Key #3: In the building behind the church is a hatch in the backroom. Activate the computer to transition to the armory. Follow the hallway to left and to the back right corner of the room to get the shotgun. Head back the way you came and you’ll see an elevator open. Deal with the enemies and the key will be in the corner of it.
  • Key #4: Go up the street to the far left and stay to the right. You’ll see the key on the porch of one of the houses.
  • Key #5: Follow the main street to the left until you hit a wall then head up until you see train cars. Go down the path between the cars to find an overturned van and the key by it.
  • Key #6: Head towards the top left corner of the map and look for a garage. The key will be outside it along its left wall.
  • Key #7: Check the start of the road that leads up to the Pit Stop. There will be a sign there with the key nestled in it.
  • Key #8: Go towards the Pit Stop building in the top right area of the map. Check around the back and you’ll see the key in corner of the building being held up by sheet metal.

Chapter 4

  • Key #9: Go to the Safe House to access the Shooting Gallery. You’ll need to get 2500 points on the Very Hard difficulty level to earn this key.
  • Key #10: Another Shooting Gallery challenge, this key requires you to get 70,000 points in Chain Attack.
  • Key #11: As you enter the sewers, go to the left. Follow the tunnel until you reach a dead end. Turn left again and follow the tunnel to find the key on top of a yellow barrel.
  • Key #12: In the Safe House on the right, go outside and round back to find the key.

Chapter 5

  • Key #13: After finding the discovery in City Hall, leave the room and go to the room through the white doors on the left. Leave that room to the left and head straight towards the stairs. Go down them then go to the left and keep going until you see white doors on the right. Once it opens, you’ll see the key clearly against the far wall.

Chapter 6

  • Key #14: In the Marrow, go to the Access Tunnels on the left (West). Follow them and then turn into an opening in a chain-link fence. Turn right and follow the cables above you to find the key there.

Chapter 7

  • Key #15: In the Business District, head to the building south of the Safe House. Go to the front entrance and you’ll see the key perched on a birdbath-like structure.
  • Key #16: Go southeast from the Key #15 building until you see some dumpsters against a chain-link fence. The key will be near the red one behind some sheet metal.
  • Key #17: The building near the dumpsters will be the Juke Diner. Make your way to the front of the neon sign to find the key perched on it.
  • Key #18: Head to the row of building in the bottom part of the map in the Business District. Go to the alley between the row and the lone building on the far right. The key will be perched on the corner of the roof.
  • Key #19: After you complete the two main objectives, the barrier to the cinema will disappear. Enter and follow the wall on the right to find the key.

Chapter 8

  • Key #20: After the cutscene with the swirling eye vortex, follow the path as usual. Keep going until you see a wall with a picture frame on it. The key will be behind some debris opposite it.

Chapter 9

  • Key #21: After you get the Crank Handle, leave through the door on the left. Go towards the prison cells and follow them to the right. Go straight to the next line of prison cells and the key will be in the second one.
  • Key #22: In the ritual room, check the large surrounding statues holding discs. The key will be held by the one standing over the left side of a sealed entrance.

Chapter 10

  • Key #23: In the wooden building, wait for the monster to burst through the wall. Go through the hole it creates to find a hole in the ceiling and the key will be on the edge.

Chapter 11

  • Key #24: In the lab area of the Marrow, the statue will be perched on one of the hanging lights left of the vault.
  • Key #25: When you enter the room with Esmeralda, don’t talk with her and instead walk behind the device. The key will be there.

Chapter 13

  • Key #26: Back in the Safe House, go through the door on the left. Head towards the window and the key will be in the corner on the right.
  • Key #27: Go back to the Juke Diner, the key is in the bathroom next to the counter.
  • Key #28: Find the Devil’s Own Taproom and go inside. The key will be in the back room against the wall on the right.
  • Key #29: On the main street leading towards the burning tower near the Juke Diner, a key is perched on some traffic lights.
  • Key #30: Near the center, Safe House is a small parking lot with a white car. The key is in the rubble behind the car near some candles.

Chapter 14

  • Key #31: In the building with burning cages, look to an open door on the right showing fire spouts in the distance. Go through it and to the left to find the key in a cart.
  • Key #32: In the room with bars and the large lever, at the pipes to the left of the lever. The final key is perched on the upper one.

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