The internet loves this Sword and Shield Pokémon who eats Pikachu

At first glance, Cramorant doesn’t seem like a particularly special Pokémon. It’s just a blue bird with a goofy, blank stare. But if you actually go up against a Cramorant in Pokémon Sword and Shield, there’s a chance you might see the avian specimen do something unusual and hilarious.

Cramorant actually has different forms thanks to its “Gulp Missile” ability. The way it works is, after Cramorant uses moves like Surf or Dive, the flying-type will come back with something in its mouth (otherwise known as its “Gorging Form.”) Sometimes, it’s just a fish. Other times, however, the Cramorant comes back with an entire Pikachu in its mouth.

The whole thing is baffling — where does the Cramorant even find the Pikachu? But things get even funnier if you look at the special Pokedex entry for this version of Cramorant:

This Cramorant has accidentally gotten a Pikachu lodged in its gullet. Cramorant is choking a little, but it isn’t really bothered.

The half-swallowed Pikachu is so startled that it isn’t struggling yet, but it’s still looking for a chance to strike back.

The whole thing seems to be a continuation of Game Freak’s willingness to have more fun with its new monsters, and more specifically, its willingness to play around with Pikachu. Fat Pikachu is back. Mimikyu’s entire existence revolves around the world’s love of Pikachu.

… but that doesn’t mean Pikachu isn’t vulnerable to nature’s cruel tidings. And that’s a good thing, too, because the internet seems to be eating all of this up judging by the fan art and jokes.

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