The Last of Us 2: Big update for Sony game as more PS5 information surfaces ahead of E3

Sony has a great slate of games coming up over the next year or so. 

We have Kojima’s next mind-bending project, Death Stranding, arriving this autumn. We have Ghost of Tsushima supposedly coming before the end of the PlayStation 4’s life cycle (but we’re anticipating a cross-gen release to be honest) and we’ve got The Last of Us 2 coming at some point, too. 

There are lots of rumours going around about the game as we wait patiently for a release date, but this week – at least – we got some form of concrete update on the game from a surprising source.

A voice actor on the latest Naughty Dog game, Ian Alexander, recently described his experience working on the Naughty Dog project and mentioned it was the “best game ever.”

Of course, he’s biased – we know that, but any insight we can get on this game right now is welcome. Read on for more comments from the actor that plays Lev in the sequel.

In a tweet, Alexander called the experience of working on the game “exhilarating, inspirational, and life-changing,” – and that should come as no surprise to people that are used to the very emotionally engaging stories Naughty Dog is used to telling.

Alexander even goes as far as to call the Naughty Dog development team and The Last of Us 2 cast ‘more chosen family’ – if that isn’t suggesting a deep emotional bond, we don’t know what is!

Once again, we’re aware the Alexander is going to be biased in this, but even so, this is a resounding review of the game – what a way to promote the title you’ve been working on… by telling people it’s left an indelible emotional mark on you and your life. 

We can only hope it’ll be as impactful on the rest of us.

This comes as Sony confirms more PS5 details ahead of E3, too. 

Though the company won’t be turning up to the show itself this year, it’s been offering more bytes of information about the next-gen system out to various outlets online.

This week, we learned that the PS5 will come with an SSD by default – so no more slow HDDs! – and it’ll support 4K graphics at a 120Hz refresh rate. That means smoother graphics and better-looking animation all around.

Sony also confirmed in an interview with CNET that you’ll be able to transfer save files between systems, too – meaning that backwards compatibility is clearly a massive focus for Sony in the coming generation. 

We’re almost certain that means players can expect The Last of Us 2 to launch of PS4 and PS5 – we’re sure we’ll get confirmation on that soon.

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