The Last Of Us HBO Poster Reveals How Long It Takes To Get Infected

HBO's The Last Of Us is now so close that its premiere has been and gone. Not somewhere fans might have thought easter eggs would be hiding, but turns out there was a poster in plain sight revealing new details about how the spread of the virus in the show will be different from the games.

The poster, which was shared by 2AMSummerNight, is one created for use in HBO's The Last Of Us universe. Issued by the fictional corporation FEDRA, it shows a figure split into three sections. Each section explains how long it takes for a person to become fully infected depending on where exactly on their body they were bitten.

The closer the wound is to your brain, the quicker the virus will take hold, which makes a lot of sense. Victims of a bite to the face or neck from an infected party will only have five to 15 minutes until they turn. A bite to the arms or torso will give you two to eight hours before it's game over, and if bitten on the leg you'll have between 12 and 24 hours to figure out what you're going to do about it.

Be warned if you'll be watching the show without having played the games as some pretty hefty spoilers lie ahead. Players have been using Tess's death near the beginning of the first game as a benchmark for its timings. Tess is bitten on the neck but continues to soldier on for at least an hour before she stays behind to fend off attackers, giving her life so Joel and Ellie can escape.

It has been hinted at by the show's creators that Tess's story will be slightly different in the show, which might mean the bite is on a different part of her body so she can survive longer than 15 minutes. This is the second way the show has confirmed it will handle The Last Of Us' virus slightly differently. There won't be spores in the show as the virus clouds will be replaced with tendrils. Living vine-like appendages attached to Clickers that seek out victims to infect.

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