The Last Of Us Part 2 Is Being Updated With A New, Brutal Difficulty Setting

It appears The Last of Us Part II is getting two new gameplay updates that might persuade you to dive back into Naughty Dog’s dark and dreary sequel. New trophies for the game have hinted at the return of the Grounded difficulty, as well as a new permadeath mode.

Grounded difficulty should be familiar if you played the first game in this series. It was also added as free post-launch content, giving players the ultimate test in the unrelenting post-apocalypse Joel and Ellie had to navigate. It removed your HUD, disabled the useful listen mode that let you track enemies through wall, and made enemies deadlier while also making ammunition scarcer.

Given the identical name, it’s likely this new difficulty mode will flip the same switches in this year’s sequel. The trophies also hint at a permadeath mode, which is self-explanatory; die once, and your game is over. The trophy references completing this on any difficulty, which means it won’t be tied to any single one. That should make it slightly more manageable, especially with how forgiving the game can be below hard.

The appearance of the trophies predates the patch that these features will be added in, which will supposedly be 1.03. Neither Naughty Dog or Sony have confirmed these two features, so it’s unclear yet if they’re bound for the very next patch or one later in the future.

The Last of Us Part II deals with the choices of the first game, this time letting you play as Ellie on a path of revenge. It’s a game that is brutal and heartbreaking in equal measure, with GameSpot scoring it 8/10 in our Last of Us Part II review. It’s also a technical marvel, especially when it comes to some of the world’s finer details. You can read up on how Naughty Dog’s various departments created the incredibly satisfying glass physics here, with some insight from its developers.

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