The Matrix Resurrections Has A Game Awards Easter Egg

Films often contain little nods to other forms of media: books, other films, real-life events, even games. Know as intertextual references to film buffs, most people just call them easter eggs. Well, since Keanu Reeves has been getting more involved with video games – despite not being a gamer himself – The Matrix Resurrections contains an easter egg that alludes to the lead actor's appearances at The Game Awards. Very mild detail for The Matrix to follow.

There's a moment in the film where we see a trophy from The Game Awards 1999, awarded to The Matrix, developed by Deus Machina. In the film, Neo is a game developer who worked on a game called, you guessed it, The Matrix.

Keanu Reeves is no stranger to video games. He played as dead rockstar Johnny Silverhand in Cyberpunk 2077 and thinks it's "nice" that everyone wants to get down and dirty with the character. He has also appeared at real-life Video Game Awards multiple times, once in 2020, and virtually in 2021 to introduce the Unreal Engine 5 Matrix experience.

The Matrix Resurrections is out now and has completely divided film critics – meaning you'll have to see it for yourself to know if it's any good or not. Resurrections currently sits at 64 on Metacritic. While that may not seem great, you should know that the original, considered a modern sci-fi classic, only has a critic score of 73, so the two films really aren't that far apart.

If you want to see more intertextuality, look no further than Fortnite, which contains everything from Ariana Grande to Spider-Man. There are now Matrix emotes and weapon wraps in the game: Neo's iconic slow-motion back bend and Trinity's time-stopping flying kick.

Despite this, Keanu Reeves has gone on record to say he wouldn't like to see Neo, or his other famous action role, John Wick, appear in Mortal Kombat. He said, "Mortal Kombat is awesome in so many ways, but I think… you know, Neo, John Wick, they're doing their own thing. Mortal Kombat is doing their own thing."

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