The Next Tomb Raider Will Reportedly Be Revealed Later This Year

Lara Croft might be swinging back onto consoles sooner than we expected, as a new report has suggested that the next Tomb Raider game currently in development at Crystal Dynamics will be revealed later this year. It's unclear where the title will be shown off, but it's allegedly "well into full-scale development" as developers are being taken from Marvel's Avengers to work on the game full-time.

This is according to reputable insider Miller Ross in a report for Xputer, who has also revealed that plans to cease development on Marvel's Avengers have been accelerated after the departure of game lead Brain Waggoner. The remaining developers on Marvel's Avengers will reportedly be shifted to the Tomb Raider project as publisher Amazon Game Studios is angling for a reveal this year.

We don't know much about the next Tom Raider game apart from the fact that it will be the first in a while not to be published by Square Enix. The publisher sold off most of its Western studios to Embracer Group, which proceeded to give control of iconic franchises like Tomb Raider and Deus Ex back to their respective developers.

As for the game itself, the only confirmed piece of information we have is that it is being developed on Unreal Engine 5. A leak from a voice acting casting script back in 2022 suggested that the game is being developed under the codename "Project Jawbreaker" and that it will feature a team of Tomb Raiders with Lara Croft acting as more of a teacher figure. That is all unconfirmed right now, though Crystal Dynamics' swiftness to issues a DMCA notice and have the leaks taken down lends them a little more credibility.

If the game is revealed later this year, then it might be safe to assume that the title will release at some point in 2024, possibly 2025. Even the best plans can go wrong though, and internal delays could easily push the game or its reveal back further than intended. Take everything you've seen here with a pinch of salt, but fingers crossed we see Lara's return at some point in 2023.

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