The Pokemon Company Shares DJ Pikachu Video Remixing Classic Pokemon Tunes

It seems Pikachu has traded in his detective skills to become a DJ, with a new video debuting on Japan’s Pokemon YouTube channel. The “DJ Pikachu Lightning Remix” video features a variety of familiar tunes from the first generation of Pokemon games. The cool aspect is that while they have kept the original beats, they brought the themes into the 21st century for a modern performance.

Since its premiere, it has been viewed almost 235,000 times – Pokemon fans are clearly enjoying all the festivities surrounding its 25th anniversary. DJ Pikachu even has backup dancers who show up later in the video which was a nice touch. The whole performance was also accompanied by a coordinated light show featuring different Pokemon sprites.

Pikachu’s latest mini-show is keeping the theme with their ongoing P25 music campaign throughout 2021. Fans were already treated recently to a Post Malone concert, Katy Perry is also set to release something all her own. If fans remember, she helped kick off the 25th celebration in the first place with a look back at Pokemon throughout the years’ video. A sneak peek of her song can be heard as well.

Music has always been a key part of Pokemon games and anime, and it remains nostalgic and memorable today. The soundtrack drives and hypes up the action in the games – whether it was battling wild Pokemon or other trainers, each area had its own theme.

Fans are even getting in on the big trip back to the original generation. One dedicated and talented Doom Programmer is currently remaking Pokemon Red and Blue in Unity. His version looks way more modern and sleek compared to the Pokemon Let’s Go remakes.  Perhaps The Pokemon Company will take note of things like this and give fans a more modern feel for future re-releases.

After the first look at Pokemon Legends: Arceus, however, some fans were left wanting more. Thankfully, there’s still a lot of development time left, with the game planned for a 2022 release. Avid gamers can also look forward to the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes hitting the Nintendo Switch later this year and New Pokemon Snap next month. One thing is for sure – Pokemon is a sensation that will stay around forever.

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