The Sims 4 Snowy Escape: How To Conquer Mt. Komorebi

The latest expansion for The Sims 4, Snowy Escape, offers your Sims the chance to pursue a range of new activities. One of these is rock climbing. Taking the sport out of the gym and into the real world, Mt. Komorebi offers some new challenges for active Sims.

For adrenaline-seekers, climbing to the mountain’s summit is the pinnacle of achievement. Once you’ve got your rock climbing skills leveled using either the new outdoor climbing walls or the indoor wall from Fitness Stuff, you can take on the challenge.

However, it’s not as simple as starting the Mountain Climb Excursion event and hoping for the best. The challenge does actually require both preparation and skill. Here’s everything you need to know in order to succeed.

First Steps

The first step is to ensure you have at least level six rock climbing skill, although we recommend level eight for a much higher chance of success. The expedition is split into parts and each one contains a progressively more difficult climbing wall so skills and stamina are essential.

Before you start the social event you also need to check that you’ve got everything you’ll need. We recommend having climbing gear equipped and food in your inventory at a minimum but items to help prevent bug attacks and soothe injuries are also worthwhile. You can find these in the Bits n Bobbles vending machine by the bottom of the ski lift.

If you hit level seven climbing skill you should be able to craft energy bars out of cherries and apples, while those at level nine skill can also craft protein bars from blackberry and strawberry. Both bars have an independent six-hour crafting cooldown and will restore energy and hunger quickly. Protein bars also slow your hunger and energy decay, locking them at 85% for three hours after eating.

You may be able to pick some berries along the way but it isn’t guaranteed, as such, it’s worth taking the ingredients for these with you to avoid ending up with spoiled food.

Choosing The Right Day

Mt. Komorebi has unpredictable weather and as such it’s always worth checking conditions using the noticeboards in Yukimatsu. These will let you know if there are icy conditions or blizzards, both of which will reduce your chances of success and can lead to more injuries.

Sims can also assess their chances of success for each individual climb. If they are low check your climbing gear is in good repair and use the chalk hands and stretching interactions to boost your focus. Both of these will help improve your odds.

Along the way, you’ll also find places to rest and some editable lots (if you use the enable free build cheat) which you can use to add your own more comprehensive rest stops. However, saving anything built on these lots will end the social event, you have been warned.

If you attempt a climb when there is a holiday in the calendar this can also cause issues as there are reports of some events, such as TV premieres interfering with the social event.

Alternatively, you may end up finding a familiar face miraculously appear halfway up the mountain.

Starting The Event

Journeying to the mountaintop is a social event that can be accessed using your phone. Like other events, it has a series of goals, and achieving them will affect how you are rewarded at the end.

You start the event by selecting Mountain Climb Excursion from the social events menu in your Sims’ phone. It will require a minimum of two sims, who both need at least level six climbing skill to complete the event.

The event is a multistage event and will always begin at the Sutefani Onsen Bathhouse in Yukimatu.

From here your Sims need to head over to the ski lift and up the mountain to the climbing wall at the top. Once they’ve climbed the wall, you’ll find the first trail marker in the snow in front of you. When both Sims are close to the marker, the event should give you a button to click that says move on.

Climbing The Mountain

The event is now properly underway as you reach the first stop on your journey. You’ll find a few slopes to explore and a tent and bush at the top of them. This will allow you to refresh your needs a little and regroup.

As you cross the bridge you’ll need to climb the wall on the other side. Once at the top, you’ll find a blank space full of snow with the trail marker just behind it. This is an editable lot if you use the free build cheat so you can add in somewhere for your Sims to more thoroughly relax.

Each part of the climb is treated as a new social event so there will be new goals and also a new five to six-hour timer. You’ll need this time so use it wisely.

The Croft Icefall

The second part of the climb is more difficult and the weather can take a sudden turn. Once again there are places to explore but this time there’s no shelter at the base of the climb, just a bonfire, and a bush.

At the top of the climbing wall, you’ll find an ice cave in which you can WooHoo, drink from a mountain spring, or explore. However, sometimes the entrance is blocked by bad weather.  Alternatively, as with the first stop, you can edit the lot where the bonfire is using the free build cheat.

As you explore each area you’ll also need to pay attention to the goals, since you’ll need a minimum of Silver in order to move onto the peak.

The Rewards

The final stage is the peak, which you’ll reach after conquering the Icefall. Here there is yet another hidden lot at the very peak, although not much else except spectacular views.

Once you reach this point your Sims will be rewarded with the mountain climbing beanie and bracelet. The leader will also earn the Expert Mountaineer trait and a plaque. Lower level plaques and traits are available to those who reach lower levels of the climb. The trait makes future journeys easier.

The Dangers

The climb has a risk of injury and even death. Falls from the rock climbing walls can injure Sims and even kill them. Sometimes they will refuse to climb until an injury debuff has worn off but other times their confidence will get in the way. Falling again with a debuff will result in death, although this is difficult to trigger.

Even the refusal can spell bad times for your party as all members need to climb at each stage. A Sim refusing to do so can mean your timer runs out before all your party members hit the next trail marker.

Make sure you pay attention to your Sims as they climb, to ensure they aren’t getting into trouble. It’s also worth checking your climbing equipment and doing prep as you go along. Also don’t be afraid to use the bushes and tents to rest up, or even build your own resting places. Also, remember to craft and eat energy or protein bars for a quick boost.

Finally, remember that courageous climbing is very dangerous unless conditions are good and your Sims rock climbing and fitness skill are both high.

Good luck climbing the mountain!

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