The Super Mario Bros Movie Will Seemingly Show A Spiny Shell Koopa Troopa For The First Time

A new poster for The Super Mario Bros. Movie reveals that we'll be seeing a Spiny Shell Koopa Troopa for the first time, after having only ever seen the shell before now.

As iconic as the Green and Red Koopa Troopa shells are, the Spiny Shell (better known as the Blue Shell) is arguably one of the most iconic items in Mario, mostly due to how infamous it is in Mario Kart for its ability to take out the lead player, no matter how hard they worked to get there and how little of a chance his friends would have without it – I'm not projecting, you are.

Even though the Spiny Shell has become one of the most recognisable powerups in Mario history, there's one strange element to them – if they're Koopa Troopa shells, how come we've never seen them in anything but their shell form? We've seen many different types of Koopa Troopas over the years, but one of the most well-known ones has never appeared outside of its shell (Sky-Blue Shinies from Thousand Year Door don't count as they've not got wings and pre-date the Spiny Shell).

That is, until now. A new poster for The Super Mario Bros. Movie was shared by the film's official Twitter account yesterday and, beyond being gorgeous, has one noteworthy character – a Spiny Shell Koopa Troopa. This Koopa Troopa appears to be its own character rather than just another mindless drone as they're not only positioned right next to Bowser and Kamek, but they've also a got a unique design from the rest of the Koopa Troopas on the poster, having wings and a spiny shell.

Although it's possible that Nintendo and Illumination just chose to chuck one of Bowser's goons on the poster and call it a day, it seems more likely that this Koopa Troopa is a unique character, perhaps one of the stronger members of Bowser's army. Its combination of a spiny shell and wings does make it unique from anything we've seen before (as the Koopa Troopas on the poster just have wings with no spiny shell), and the design is clearly meant to be reminiscent of Mario Kart's Spiny Shell, so it seems more likely that it has some sort of role to play.

Interestingly, the first trailer we received for The Super Mario Bros. Movie showed more than one Koopa Troopa with wings and a blue spiny shell. A shot with two of them stood next to each other appears early on in the trailer when Kamek teleports in, and their position implies they're high up in Bowser's army. However, it's worth noting that they don't have the same symbol on their chest like the one on the poster does, which furthers the idea that they're a unique character. I'm betting we get some kind of Spiny Shell Mario Kart joke somewhere in there from this dude.

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