The Witcher 3: Every Witcher Contract In Skellige, Ranked According To Difficulty

The Skellige Isles is one of the most beautiful places in The Witcher 3. With rich nature and plenty of open seas surrounding them, the isles offer a welcome break from cities and villages that are on the Continent. Geralt travels to Skellige to learn more about Ciri’s whereabouts, but once he’s there, he also has the opportunity to influence who the next ruler of Skellige will be.

What’s more, he can choose to do more than one contract that will bring him money. Some of them will set him against dangerous monsters, other contracts will be easier, but all of them will require some serious skills from Geralt.

9 Strange Beast

A lot of contracts in The Witcher 3 have Geralt fight against monsters whom he had already encountered before. That’s also the case of the contract Strange Beast that Geralt finds in Larvik. Geralt’s enemies in this case are nekkers, and a nekker warrior who’s a bit stronger than ordinary nekkers – but not so much to bring Geralt any real trouble.

8 Skellige’s Most Wanted

Geralt can take this contract in Fyresdal. Even though it looks like an ordinary job at first, Geralt soon learns that somebody tricked him and is trying to kill him or at least hurt him. His investigation finally leads him to a group of monsters – a troll, a godling, a doppler, and a werewolf. They confront Geralt about his approach to monsters, and if he proves he helped monsters in the past, he will only end up fighting the werewolf. The werewolf, albeit strong and fast, lets rage blind it, so Geralt can finish him off fast if he’s careful enough and doesn’t let the werewolf get close enough to deal any damage.

7 Missing Miners

Geralt finds the notice for this quest in Blandare or he can start it by finding a dead body along the road. His investigation leads him to a cave where he finds a troll. The troll, while dangerous, is also somewhat in the right – since he asked the miners to leave his home but they didn’t, so he killed them. Geralt then has a choice – he can either fight the troll or he can spare it, for which the troll rewards Geralt. Trolls are dangerous but slow opponents and Geralt already has plenty of experience fighting them at this point in the game so if he chooses to do it, he should know what to do and win the fight quickly.

6 Here Comes The Groom

By the time Geralt starts this quest – either by finding the notice in Svorlag or by discovering the siren’s cave – he has already fought sirens multiple times and knows how to proceed.

It’s true that this particular siren, called Melusine, is a bit different but the style of combat remains the same which makes the quest relatively easy to complete. Geralt also has to defeat some drowners along the way, but once again, it’s nothing he hasn’t dealt with before.

5 Dragon

Dragons exist in the world of The Witcher… but they’re very rare, intelligent, and witchers don’t like to kill them. So when Geralt picks up this contract in Fyresdal, he suspects the beast who killed two local boys isn’t, in fact, a dragon. Geralt is once again right and he finds out the monster is a forktail. While forktails can be difficult to strike thanks to their ability to fly, they also land from time to time and aren’t that fast. Once Geralt kills the forktail, the best option is for him to lie and say it was indeed a dragon – he gets more money for the contract this way.

4 In The Heart Of The Woods

This quest’s difficulty can also be higher, depending on the approach the player chooses. In the best-case scenario, Geralt only needs to kill several wolves once he picks up the contract in Fayrlund. If he does that and gives a sacrifice to the leshen who lives in the forest, all will be well again and Geralt can leave without fighting anything (or anyone) else. Alternatively, he can take on the leshen, but then he has to prepare for quite a long, albeit not impossible to win, fight. Leshens can also be hurt, most commonly by using the Igni sign.

3 Muire D’yaeblen

This contract seems fairly straightforward at first and Geralt himself presumes he’ll be soon done with it when he finds the contract in the Kaer Trolde Harbour. After all, he did kill drowners before.

But the quest is much more complicated. Finding the way to the cave proves difficult and once Geralt arrives, he learns he’ll have to take on not only drowners but also a dangerous water hag. The drowners can swarm him if he’s not careful enough and the water hag is fast and vicious.

2 Missing Son

Fiends are dangerous opponents – they’re big, strong, and can temporarily blind Geralt which makes it difficult to fight them. Geralt can take on this quest in three different ways. He either finds the notice in Rannvaig, talks directly to the man who posted it or stumbles across the fiend during his journey. The fight takes quite a long time since the fiend escapes once Geralt injures it. Geralt has to track the beast down and fight it once again before he can kill it. And it’s easy for the fiend to deal a lot of damage to Geralt so he has to be fast and stay out of the beast’s reach.

1 The Phantom Of Eldberg

The Phantom of Eldberg is one of the most difficult contracts in general – partially because, by the time the player does it, their level is not very high. And if they do the contract later in the game, they risk missing out on two other quests that can only play out after this contract is complete. Either way, Geralt picks up the contract in Arinbjorn or during king Bran’s funeral. He will have to face several ordinary wraiths but, more importantly, an extraordinarily strong wraith who can’t be harmed as long as the lighthouse stays dark. Geralt has to drive off the attacks for long enough to allow the lighthouse keeper the opportunity to light the fire, and even then, defeating all the wraiths can take a lot of time and effort.

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