The Witcher 3 Finally Adds New Fast-Travel Point To Crow’s Perch

The Bloody Baron is a bloody pain to get to in The Witcher 3, since every time you want to visit him, you have to pop to Crow's Perch just outside the town. Then you have to make that long trek back up, over and over and over again. But CD Projekt Red has finally amended that long not-so-quality-of-life issue in the current-gen update, adding a Castle Village signpost.

Someone asked CD Projekt Red to do this back in November on Twitter, drawing a giant orange arrow pointing to the middle of the town with the caption, "Please add a sign post here!" The Witcher's official Twitter responded with a GIF of Daffy Duck taking notes. Looks like they put those notes to good use, finally adding the signpost that fans have been wanting for years.

"THE CASTLE VILLAGE SIGNPOST! THE CASTLE VILLAGE SIGNPOST IS REAL", one Reddit user excitedly shared. And it is – you can find it right in the middle. However, some quests have triggers that take place as you walk through the gate, which means a fast-travel point could break certain moments. Because of that, you can't actually unlock this signpost until you complete Return to Crookback Bog.

It's a side quest where you're tasked with helping the Bloody Baron bring back his wife Anna, taking place just after Family Matters. She's leading a bunch of witch hunters, and you find her in the Isle of Mists, a swampy region. I won't spoil how the quest goes, but it's full of signature Witcher twists and turns, so it' well worth doing for reasons other than fast travel.

Out of all the things The Witcher 3's current-gen update tweaked, this is perhaps the most noteworthy among the community. Forget ray-tracing and an updated camera, now you can pop back and forth between the Castle Village and elsewhere with much more ease.

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