The Witcher 3: How To Romance Triss

Geralt has had a lot of potential romance options throughout The Witcher series, yet the one who has remained a constant source of his affections is Triss Merigold. It's possible for Geralt to hook up with Triss in all three games, which suggests an intent on the part of the developers for the two of them to be destined to stay together.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has several romance options for Geralt to choose from, and he has to go out of his way to pursue Triss. It's also possible for the player to screw things up between Geralt and Triss, which is why we here at TheGamer have created this helpful guide to make sure that the witcher gets his sorceress.

Updated on January 10, 2023 by Quinton O'Connor: With the success of December 2022's next-gen graphical and performance updates, we've been heading back to all our old Witcher 3 guides to ensure they're up to par. While the Triss romance guide was largely in good shape beforehand, we've tidied up a few typos and restructured key bits for easier reading.

The History Of Geralt And Triss' Romance

Triss is a romance option in all three of The Witcher video games. In The Witcher, Triss was the subject of some of the infamous "Romance" cards that the player could collect, while she is already in a relationship with Geralt at the start The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings. In each game, she has a serious contender for Geralt's heart in the form of Shani, Ves, and Yennefer.

How To Romance Triss

In order to start the Triss romance quest, the player needs to have completed "The Play's the Thing" main quest, which will allow them to start a sidequest called "A Matter of Life and Death." Triss and Geralt will need to attend a masquerade in order to save a young alchemist. During the masquerade, Geralt will need to be complimentary throughout the ball and must kiss Triss when the fireworks start.

Once "A Matter of Life and Death" is completed, the player can start a new quest called "Now or Never," in which Triss asks for Geralt's help in evacuating the city. Geralt must help keep the mages alive and reach the port with Triss. Once she is ready to leave on the boat, Geralt needs to ask Triss to stay and to tell her that he loves her. If all of these elements have been completed, then Triss will stay and the game will consider her to be Geralt's girlfriend from this point on, even if Geralt doesn't always act that way.

How To Not Screw It Up

It's possible for Geralt to live the rest of his life with Triss in the ending of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, so long as he avoids cheating on her with Yennefer. Geralt will reunite with Yennefer when he continues the main quest of the story and the player will have a chance to romance her.

If the player tries to romance both Triss and Yennefer throughout the game, then they both try to seduce Geralt, but it's just a ploy to tie him to a bed and leave him to be found by Dandelion. Geralt won't end up with either woman if the player tries to be greedy. And if you happen to have come here from our Yennefer romance guide, and what we just said sounds eerily familiar, then yes, it applies if you're romancing Yen, too. Truly, witchers know no fury like two sorceresses, scorned.

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