The Witcher 3 Starring Ace Ventura Is The Current-Gen Update We Need

In October, we were shocked to learn that Henry Cavill would be leaving the cast of Netflix's The Witcher TV series. While there are a number of theories about why this has happened, Netflix has announced that Liam Hemsworth will take up the role of Geralt from season four onwards. Of course, fans aren't too happy with this news, as Cavill was widely considered a great fit for Geralt. One fan has decided to deal with this in the only way they know – by editing Ace Ventura, pet detective into scenes from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

If you head on over to the YouTube page eli_handle_b․wav, you'll see that the entire page is dedicated to editing movie and TV characters, or even real people, into video games. These include Tony Soprano in God of War, Clint Eastwood in Red Dead Redemption 2, Aragorn in Elden Ring, and even Vladimir Putin in Half-Life 2. However, the timing of this one for The Witcher 3 is pretty good, considering the TV show recast as well as the launch of the current-gen version of the game (thanks, GameRant).

The video starts off with Geralt looking over Jim Carey's Ace Ventura training to become a Witcher at Kaer Morhen, followed by some soldiers berating him for carrying around two swords – he does take it better than Geralt though. He then proceeds to taunt a guy without an ear, before smacking Dijkstra's ass with a wet towel, after which he shows his affiliation towards team Triss. After gloating about his Gwent victory and calling Emhyr Satan, he goes on to use some choice words about Ciri. The scenes are perfectly edited so that Ventura and his dialogues fit right into the scenes.

Coming back to the actual recast for the TV show, one of the theories behind Cavill's departure was reportedly his creative differences with the producers and writers, who reportedly made fun of the books. However, showrunner Lauren Hissrich recently said, "I've never mocked the books," Hissrich replied to critics on Instagram. "The books are my entire livelihood. I have a great relationship with Mr. Sapkowski and writer’s rooms are sacred and safe and — more than anything — supportive spaces. Don't believe everything you read."

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