The Wizards – Enhanced Edition Coming to Oculus Quest Tomorrow

The Oculus Quest has been out for a couple of weeks, receiving significant praise from most quarters (including VRFocus). While most owners hopefully haven’t got through the entire launch lineup just yet there are more videogames on the way. Today, Carbon Studio has announced that its popular sorcery experience The Wizards – Enhanced Edition will be coming to the standalone headset tomorrow.

The Wizards – Enhanced Edition is the same version as the one Carbon Studio debuted on PlayStation VR back in March. Having originally left Steam Early Access in March 2018 for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, the enhanced edition came with new content and mechanics to further improve the experience.

The main campaign was expanded by one additional level, new cutscenes were introduced, character customisation and a checkpoint system to make progression that bit easier. All of this will be included in the Oculus Quest version. It remains to be seen how well Carbon Studio have managed to squeeze all of this on the device, and what graphical changes have had to be made to ensure a smooth gameplay experience.

Gameplay inThe Wizards – Enhanced Edition is focused around creating gestures to unleash various magical attacks – there’s no pressing the A button to fire off some lightning bolts. Players have to learn (and remember) six elemental-based spells, each with their own hand gestures. Additionally, each spell can be upgraded as the single-player campaign progresses. Once that’s completed, the Arena mode offers endless battles that can challenge even the most hardened of wizards.

To help with the replay factor special Fate cards are available, altering the gameplay in new ways. Take the “Easy Prey” Fate Card for example which makes players start with 1HP, but dramatically increases the score multiplier.

VRFocus gave the original PC version of The Wizards a worthy four-star review in 2018, saying: “If you want to feel like an all-powerful sorcerer then The Wizards is up there with the best, an entertaining adventure that will make non-VR players jealous.”

Carbon Studio is releasing The Wizards – Enhanced Edition for Oculus Quest on 6th June. There’s been no mention of cross-buy support between Oculus Rift and Quest, when VRFocus finds out we’ll let you know.

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