Think Cyberpunk 2077’s Police Spawns Are Bad? This Enemy Spawned Inside The Player

The launch of Cyberpunk 2077 hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing so far. After several delays, and the whole crunch situation, the game was finally released on December 10 but all is still not well. While the game has garnered some impressive reviews, many players are encountering bugs, lots of bugs.

One of the latest is as hilarious as it is irritating, and shows an enemy spawning inside a player’s car, right onto the seat he’s sitting in at the time. When we heard that Cyberpunk2077 allowed you to get up close and personal with others, this wasn’t what we had in mind.

The clip of an enemy wanting to be so close to this player that he spawned literally right inside him was posted over on Reddit by Mountains_Online.

As you can see the car turns a corner and heads down a side street. All seems fine until the player suddenly acquires what appear to be extra eyes made out of bubbles. This unwanted enemy then seems to exit the car, leaving the player confused for a second before he gets gunned down.

It looks hilarious as the spawn happens but as it plays out you can see that something else is just completely off about the whole thing. According to the comments on the thread, this is because the entire mission being undertaken here is actually likely to be completely bugged.

User Jmamma_ says “This entire mission is bugged. When you get out of the car you are immediately ambushed by the enemy. I suspect you are dropped off at the wrong location. A little up the road to the left there is a set of stairs with a sniper’s nest and plenty of cover + power-ups. I suspect you were supposed to be planted near those stairs but the programmers messed up. I died around 20 times during this sequence and respawned inside of her head repeatedly.”

Sadly, this is far from the only game-breaking bug we’ve heard about either. Since Cyberpunk 2077’s release, reports of bugs range from the NSFW but frankly hilarious naked t-posing and vanishing genitals glitches to the game-breaking NCPD Officer spawns.

Most bugs can be filed under amusing or irritating but for those who are playing on PS4/Xbox One, they are so bad that CD Projekt Red has been forced to apologize for them, and even offer refunds, which are proving more difficult to get than expected.

As we await CD Projekt Red’s promised updates we can at least rejoice in the fact that some issues have already been fixed, including the seizure-inducing lights. Also, if you don’t have the latest hardware maybe try playing on your phone? Apparently, it’s a great experience.

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