This Avengers/Dungeons & Dragons Mashup Would Make A Great Homebrew

There’s no shortage of creativity when it comes to Dungeons & Dragons, and that’s only become more true as the game reaches a larger audience. More writers, artists, and crafty types have taken up the dice and delivered some amazing DIY projects in the process. Today we’ve found a piece of fan art with some spectacular detail behind it. This person drew the Avengers as a (very large) D&D party. Even better, they reimagined them with fantasy backstories worthy of an epic homebrew campaign.

This detailed interpretation comes from Reddit user Sketchgoblin. His fan art takes the Avengers lineup from the movies, including fan-favorite newcomers like Spider-Man and Bucky, and gives them appropriate D&D races and classes. Captain America is a human Paladin, naturally. Iron Man also makes a lot of sense as a warforged Artillerist Artificer. Some are more surprising, like Spider-Man as a Drow Shadow Monk. All together they make for a fierce crew.

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Sketchgoblin also has a successful Instagram page where he posted individual drawings of each Avenger. These come with backstories that translate each hero’s origin into the D&D lore. The stories are clever, such as Spider-Man being blessed by the spider goddess Lolth, a favorite of the Drow. Also fun is Black Panther, who becomes a literal cat as a Tabaxi.

The lineup definitely shows the potential for an Avengers-themed campaign, or at least a one-shot. It’s probably been done before, but Sketchgoblin created a compelling version that doesn’t require too much modernization of the setting. The Infinity Gauntlet even works as a magic item worthy of questing for. And who doesn’t want to play as Ant-Man but a Halfling Rogue?

For those interested in Sketchgoblin’s style and unique take on character, he has a website where he does commissions. He makes individual character cards that can go with your character sheets to add some extra flair, and do a party lineup poster like the one he made for the Avengers. It’s a shame Christmas already passed, because it would be a nice gift for a DM to get their party.

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