This Doom Mod Sees Stray’s Cat Fighting Off Demons

This cat is here to kick ass and eat catnip, but they're all out of catnip. Wait, wrong FPS. Stray's kitty is in the original Doom thanks to this new mod, ripping and tearing through demon hordes on Mars and in Hell.

Stray has attracted a lot of praise and attention for its lack of combat, putting adventure first and foremost, while Doom is held up in such high regard for its fast-paced arena gunfights, so splicing the two is certainly a bold choice. But that's exactly what YouTuber and modder edy pagaza has done (thanks, GamesRadar), asking the question, "Can you put it in Doom?" You'll soon be able to play it as it launches tomorrow for all.

In the one-minute teaser, you can see a fully-animated Stray cat running around Doom's pixelated blocky levels with a drone turret hovering overhead, firing off bullets at demons, spiders, and flying red meatballs. Or whatever they're really called. Not only can you play through the original Doom as a cat with this mod, but you do it in third-person, so it's certainly a shakeup.

There's even a new mod that lets you pet Doom's Cacodemons (the big red meatballs) if the cat isn't cute enough for you. But if Doom isn't your thing, Stray has plenty of cool mods of its own. One swaps out the cat for a dog if you're not a feline fan but still want to explore this cyberpunk dystopia, while another brings Garfield into the fold. There's no lasagna which is a downer but there's also no Mondays so there's a silver lining, at least.

If Garfield and dogs aren't quite silly enough, you can get a mod that adds Heavy Rain's Jason scream instead of meowing. Combine that with a mod that stretches Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas' CJ over the cat's skeleton and you can really make for some nightmare fuel. Or you can mod in your own cat as plenty of talented modders are doing alongside a slew of other breeds.

Already, it has fostered a budding modding community, but if it ain't your thing, now you can explore Doom as a cat while you raise a little hell instead.

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