This Guitar Hero Mod Lets The Dragon Age Gang Belt Out Some Evanescence

A little while back, we experienced a concert put on by Kiryu and Joker where they sang YMCA by the Village People. If that sounds mildly impossible, that's because it was up until Guitar Hero World Tour: Definitive Edition changed things. This expansive mod opened the door for new characters, new songs, new guitars and musical notes, and even offered enhanced graphics to boot. In short, Definitive Edition gives Guitar Hero World Tour the remaster that Activision won't.

Definitive Edition allows for way more characters than just Kiryu and Joker, of course. There’s 2B of Nier Automata, Morbius of… well, himself, and as YouTuber Yic17 shows us, there’s also the entire gang from Dragon Age: Origins.

Putting on their best rendition of "Bring Me To Life," the 2003 hit from Evanescence, we have Morrigan, Alistair, Leliana, and Zevran. Morrigan makes the most sense to play vocals, given how she already looks like the lead vocalist from Evanescence anyway, and Alistair on guitar also doubles as the male backup singer. Leliana gets to relive her glory days as a bard before becoming the Inquisition's spymaster while on bass, and Zevran hits drums as easily as he stabs people for money.

It’s a stirring performance, although at times it seems like their mouths extend just a little bit too wide. It’s no Dragon Age: Absolution, the new series on Netflix with breakneck pacing and an even more colorful band of adventurers, but it’s good to tide us over until Dreadwolf arrives.

Speaking of Dreadwolf, last we heard it’s still "deep in development." The game reached its alpha stage back in October, but there’s still more work to be done and there’s still no release window at the moment. We do have a new animated short catching everyone up on whom this Dreadwolf character is and why he needs to be stopped at all costs.

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