This Halo Infinite Glitch Is Wiping Players’ Save Files

Halo Infinite has so far had a successful multiplayer and campaign launch, garnering a ton of positive reviews from players and critics alike. However, it seems there is a major technical issue that a few players have reported which is corrupting their saved game files.

The game already has some known issues for Xbox Game Pass users on PC where it simply won’t launch. However, the ones who did manage to boot up the game are now facing a different issue by losing their game progress.

As spotted by VG247, several fans reported this issue on Resetera and Halo Waypoint forums. These complaints look fairly similar: players end up with corrupted game files and are forced to start all over again, on Xbox and PC both.

A user on Resetera shared a video that breaks down how the bug actually corrupts your game files. The same post also mentions how there might be a double log-in prompt that actually triggers this bug and players should avoid signing in again to protect their save files. Along with that, the post also details a number of reasons why the double sign-in prompt pops up and how players need to be careful while attempting to avoid it.

So far, it seems this bug is affecting the Steam, Xbox, and Windows Store versions of the game. In addition to this, it is also affecting multiplayer to a certain extent with players reportedly spawning in the middle of the floor.

If this bug wasn’t enough, there is also a desync issue that plagues the game. This issue was also spotted by a player who even got a response from a 343 Industries dev who thanked him for reporting it. So far, the community seems to have done a good job at reporting major technical issues with the game which has definitely made it a little easier for 343.

Halo Infinite is already facing problems with cheaters, and now since this game-breaking bug is affecting the single-player campaign, there are issues that need resolving. Despite this, the sentiment around the game is positive, and owing to 343’s excellent communication, all these issues should be addressed and fixed soon.

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