This Week In Overwatch 2: Battle For Olympus, Unfair Matchmaking, Missing The Previous Game

It says a lot about your game when its player base is trying to find ways to not do what you want them to do. While Overwatch 2 changes quite a few things from the previous entry, it has left in some of the more annoying aspects – namely, the terrible microtransaction economy. To add to this, some of the in-game challenges are almost impossible to beat while playing a regular game. Unfortunately, none of this changes with the game's first big event of the year.

Battle For Olympus Seasonal Event Is Live

For some reason, Blizzard felt the need to turn its Heroes into gods, and has imbued them with the power of the Greek Pantheon. Seven of them have been completely reimagined, and blessed with the power of mythological Greek characters. For example, Widowmaker has received the power of Medusa and can turn enemies to stone; Junker Queen is bestowed with the might of Zeus, and so on.

Players will be able to play around with these new powers in a limited-time free-for-all deathmatch. Of course, with a new event come new rewards, cosmetics, and challenges. The event will end on January 19.

Lobbies Cooperate To Farm "Ridiculous" Battle For Olympus Challenges

Unfortunately, the challenges for the Battle for Olympus LTE are so ridiculously hard, that not even the power of the gods is enough to take them on. Overwatch has always been stingy with its rewards, forcing players to spend real money if they desperately want a particular cosmetic, but padding a limited time event with challenges that require major grind is something even Hades wouldn't do.

So, players have decided to take matters into their own hands. Instead of fighting among themselves as Greek gods are known to do, entire lobbies have been working together to give each player a chance to complete the challenges. As can be seen on a Reddit post, players are lining their Heroes up to get shot, so that each player can farm the ridiculously tough challenges.

Players Complain About Unfair Matchmaking

At this point, Overwatch 2 players complaining about something isn't even news, it's a given. The game is broken in places and in so many ways that multiple Heroes have had to be removed in order to fix the balancing. However, it seems that Overwatch 2 is now faltering at the one thing that you just can't afford to mess up in a multiplayer game, matchmaking.

Over on Reddit, players have been complaining that they're being matched up with those in the top 500, despite themselves only being in the Gold or Platinum tiers. PLayers have been checking others' profiles to find that they're outmatched in skill, and shouldn't even be put in the same lobby.

Fans Would Rather Play The First Game If Given The Chance

Given that a major portion of Overwatch 2 news since launch has been about how unbalanced it is, it's hardly surprising to learn that long-time fans wish they could go back to the previous title. A threat on the Overwatch Subreddit sees a vast majority of the comments saying they'd go back if given the chance.

"New tanks killed the game for me. Rein is a shell of what once was. I'll come back to check out PvE but I'm probably never playing the main game again," said one of the many comments complaining about the new tanks.

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