This Week In Pokemon: Grafaiai Revealed, Companies Sued, And More

It’s been a pretty quiet week in the world of Pokemon, but that’s hardly surprising after the recent World Championships. However, The Pokemon Company still had something up its sleeve, revealing a new Pokemon that will debut in Scarlet & Violet.

But the community has been as creative as always, reimagining some cut Pokemon and giving them 3D models. Here’s our rundown of the biggest Pokemon stories from the past seven days.

Pokemon Reveals First Look At Scarlet & Violet's Grafaiai

This week opened with a teaser for a new Pokemon reveal, and that’s just what we got on Thursday. Grafaiai is based on an aye-aye lemur, a primate found in Madagascar. The lemur Pokemon has a penchant for painting markings on trees, which led some fans to believe it would be an evolution or alternate form of Smeargle, although that doesn’t appear to be the case. No, Grafaiai is a totally new creature, and one that gets up to a lot of mischief. All of its paintings are unique, and change in colour depending on its diet. It uses them to lure other Pokemon, and it also seems to use the paint itself to attack, as we see at the end of the teaser. In any case, it gives us a good idea of what to expect from any Grafaiai we see in the wild.

Chinese Companies Are Being Sued By The Pokemon Company Over Mobile Game

Chinese developers appear to be breaching copyright law, as The Pokemon Company sues them over a mobile game. Six companies involved in the creation of Pocket Monster Reissue are being sued, and unfortunately for them, it looks like a pretty open and shut case. The app store page for Pocket Monster Reissue is clearly using several copyrighted Pokemon assets, including images of Pikachu, Ash, and Oshawott. It’s not clear why The Pokemon Company hasn’t targeted the game before, as it has been around since 2015, and has reportedly made its publishers $43 million USD annually. As part of the lawsuit, The Pokemon Company is seeking $72.5 million in damages, an apology, and a total shutdown of the app.

Pokemon Fan Imagines Cut Beta Sprites As Modern 3D Models

Cut Pokemon sprites are an interesting look at what could have been. Whether they’re an iteration of an existing ‘Mon, or one that was scrapped altogether, they’re always a little eerie to look at, often resembling a Pokemon that did make it into the final roster. And now we can get an even better look at them. A fan has gone to the effort of creating 3D models for these lost Pokemon, showing us what they would have looked like if they had made it all the way to the most recent generation of games. Bringing them to life in this way makes them look right at home with the official Pokemon, but it also makes it clear who some of them were based on. For example, the creepy-looking Norowara was replaced with the less-creepy-looking Misdreavus. Similarly, Ikari would go on to become Sharpedo.

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