Thor: Love And Thunder Updates Infamous Floating Head CGI, Fans Still Hate It

Thor: Love And Thunder had cinema-goers pretty split earlier this year. One of the ongoing arguments surrounding it and the MCU as a whole comes down to CGI and special effects. It seems Marvel has been listening, as one of the scenes which got criticized most in Thor 4 has been tweaked for Disney Plus.

If you've been waiting for Love And Thunder to drop on Disney Plus to watch it, don't panic. You'll find no major spoilers. Just minor ones regarding the floating head of Axl, Heimdall's son. Axl and a few other Asgardian children are held captive by Gorr the God Butcher, but Axl manages to communicate with Thor from afar using his inherited powers.

That communication manifested on screen via Axl's floating head and to put it mildly, it did not look good. So bad, in fact, that Marvel appears to have agreed with the critique and attempted to improve the effects for the Disney Plus cut. That has backfired somewhat as a number of fans think the scene is still just as bad.

Axl's head now looks a lot sharper in the scene, but as you can see in the tweet above, along with its replies, many people don't appear to think that necessarily makes it better. That has quickly led to alternate videos being created with various other people's heads in place of Axl's, the best of the bunch so far being one that replaces the Asgardian child with the floating Mario head from the Super Mario 64 startup screen.

There are a select few fans who have tried to defend the poor effects. One defense is that Axl is still learning to use his powers and that's why it looks so bad. Marvel's CGI issues reach farther than Love And Thunder, though. She-Hulk's look was heavily criticized when first revealed, and earlier this year reports suggested VFX artists were refusing to work on Marvel projects due to the unrealistic expectations attached.

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