Thor: Love And Thunder’s God Of Dumplings Needs Its Own Miniseries

Thor: Love And Thunder will have been out in the wild for a while by the time you read this as the busiest period in the MCU's history continues to get even busier. Even though the movie will have been in cinemas for a week or two, odds are the discourse surrounding whether it's good or bad will have refused to disapate. I mean, it's been nine years since Thor: The Dark World hit theaters and we still can't stop umming and ahhing other whether it was bad or not. We'll probably be comparing it and Love And Thunder to Thor 8 15 years from now, a movie in which Chris Hemsworth will still look as if he hasn't aged a day. God tier god casting.

Fear not. I am not here to pile on about why you should hate Love And Thunder, nor am I going to try and decide if it is better or worse than The Dark World. I am a shameless Marvel shill who loves both those movies, despite the internet telling me why I shouldn't. I'm just here to talk about the briefest of cameos in Love And Thunder. An appearance you might have missed if you popped to the loo. In fact, they were on the screen for such a short amount of time that you would have missed their smiling face while bending down to pick up that piece of popcorn you dropped. You ate it, didn't you? How do you know it was even the one you dropped?

I'm here to talk about Bao, God of Dumplings. Either you missed Bao (see above), or you caught it and instantly wiped it from your memory in favor of important plot points. But I've been obsessing over the sentient foodstuff ever since I first laid eyes on it. If you fall into that final category, you probably want to see more of Bao. The problem is, the odds of that happening are slim to none. Bao is shown as Thor 4's main characters trudge through Omnipotence City to see Zeus, along with a few other low-level gods (Zeus's words, not mine, please don't smite me).

Bao was clearly little more than a punchline. Marvel slapping a face on a dumpling for a cheap laugh. It's never going to be an Avenger, and probably won't ever be seen in the MCU again. That's a huge missed opportunity. No, not the Avengers thing, but giving Bao its very own miniseries would be a great idea. MCU shows have been hit and miss, but Disney+ has some terrific miniseries spun from its almost endless number of popular IPs.

Topping the bill for me are shows like Dug Days, a show all about Carl and Dug's life after Up, and the new Baymax show. Something else the internet told me not to like because apparently a robot getting advice on what female hygiene products to buy for its friend isn't appropriate for kids for some reason, but I digress. The Baymax show managed to pack an incredible amount of heart into what are very short episodes. Both it, Dug Days, and various other Disney shorts and miniseries don't get much hype at all. In fact, I feel like the only reason I know about them at all is because I have a two-year-old gradually discovering everything Disney has to offer, and he desperately wanted more Baymax.

I get it, Big Hero 6 isn't Obi-Wan Kenobi, but Baymax deserves more, and so does Bao. The Dumpling God's own kids' show could be built on the exact same foundation as Disney's other miniseries, except the building blocks stacked on that foundation would be Marvel-based. Show us Bao's home planet. Does it rule over an entire realm of living dumplings, or is it simply a powerful food item that has been randomly assigned a regular planet similar to Earth? It doesn't have to have any bearing on the wider MCU, but let's be honest, a dumpling Dr. Strange falling through a rift in space and time during a credits scene would be pretty amusing. It certainly wouldn't be the weirdest thing we've seen in the MCU after the credits have rolled.

Speaking of Strange and those Marvel building blocks, there would be so many opportunities for cameo appearances. More from Zeus, Korg, other gods that got a look in during the Omnipotence City segment of Love and Thunder. I'm picturing an animated show in a similar style to What If, although doing the whole show in the same style that Bao was animted for its brief appearance in the movie would be pretty entertaining too.

There is one little thing I need to bring up at this point. Something I'm sure a few of you who have made it this far have been itching to leave in the comments. That Disney already has a show about a dumpling come to life. Kudos to you if you knew that and you fought the urge to run to the comments before making it this farnow to write “uhh this is already a thing” or words to that effect. Again, I have a two (almost three) year old and I work from home. If you don't think the two of us have exhausted almost everything Disney+ has to offer at this point, you are sorely mistaken. We've seen the dumpling, we like the dumpling.

Marvel's dumpling show would be very different from the one already out there. This isn't a tiny bit of food come to life to enrich the existence of the lonely lady who was about to eat it. This would be about Bao, a dumpling god who can make it rain soy sauce and nourish its people with all sorts of tasty treats. Providing those people aren't also dumplings as mentioned before. Raining down condiments on them would be more like a plague than a blessing if that's the case.

It might also start the ball rolling on other Marvel-inspired miniseries, and perhaps some Star Wars ones too. Who wouldn't want to watch an animated show made up of ten-minute shorts detailing what Grogu has been up to? Or the adventures of Chewie, the Flerken cat from Captain Marvel? There's already more than 100 hours of the MCU to watch (literally), an hour's worth of Dumpling God content Marvel shills like me will watch no matter what isn't going to hurt, right?

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