Thousands Of People Watched Someone Silently Read A Book On Twitch

For April Fools' Day, Twitch added a few joke categories, and some streamers took them a little seriously. Merry Kish silently read a book on stream for an hour while thousands of onlookers watched, some typing into the emote-only chat.

She did this in the new Silent Reading category (as spotted by PCGamer) where streamers are encouraged to sit and read. To themselves. Not to their chat. That's what Merry did – she let the chat talk to each other while she got on with her book Lovesickness. But she didn't stop there for April Fools.

If you don't know, Merry Kish is Twitch's head of community, and she hosted the stream on Twitch's official channel, inviting others to join in for the festivities with themed broadcasts. Some did. VTuber Girl_dm even managed to rickroll her audience.

Girl_dm signed up for the most popular new category – Literally Just Chatting. There's also Pizza Time, Character Creation, Errands, Chores, and Odd Jobs. But Literally Just Chatting is what blew up, although it hasn't been used properly by everyone. The idea is that the chat talks among themselves as the streamer stays silent. This is what Girl_dm did.

She put up a "be right back" screen with the chat, letting them see themselves as they talked to each other, but then she came back with fan art and Never Gonna Give You Up, Rickrolling her audience. Then it was back to Elden Ring while chat recuperated.

If you really want, you can watch Merry read a book for an hour thanks to the VOD, but not much happens. She takes a sip of her coffee occasionally, flips a page every so often, and gets on with her book – you could stick it on the TV and read on the sofa like you're in an at-home library, but you could also just go to the library.

In other Twitch news – that isn't April Fools related – Pokimane has become the first woman to hit nine million followers, coming closer and closer to that ten million mark. Now, can she get ten million to watch her read a book in silence?

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