THQ Nordic Hosting Digital Showcase August 12

THQ Nordic has announced it will host its second annual digital presentation on August 12. The virtual show will follow the same format as last year’s 10th-anniversary livestream special and be broadcast on THQ Nordic’s YouTube, Twitch, and Steam pages.

The broadcast begins at 12 AM PT (3 PM ET). Although THQ Nordic declined to say which games would be showcased in its presentation, it did say that we can look forward to “hints” as we get closer to August 12. We’ll also get a preview from sister corporation HandyGames prior to the livestream’s start time. notes that we’ll likely see news regarding Outcast 2 – A New Beginning and Jagged Alliance 3, alongside “several brand-new games.”

There were plenty of clues for what THQ will present in the trailer. First, there was SpongeBob The Cosmic Shake, a new 3D platformer from the same team that developed Bikini Bottom Rehydrated. That was announced during THQ Nordic’s 10th-anniversary livestream last year, and we haven’t heard much from it since. It seems likely we’ll get at least an update on how The Cosmic Shake is shaking out.

MX Vs ATV Legends was also previewed last year and will be arriving on May 22 for current-gen consoles, so we’ll likely hear about any DLC around August. Destroy All Humans 2: Reprobed was announced last year following the success of the Destroy All Humans remake. And THQ announced Superpower 3 as the sequel to the long-standing geopolitical simulation franchise. All are likely to receive updates or announcements at THQ’s digital showcase.

The trailer also showed some footage for Elex 2 and Biomutant, perhaps indicating some future plans for these games too. Of course, all this is speculation until THQ Nordic starts dropping hints as we inch closer to August 12.

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