Tilted Towers Is Back In Fortnite Chapter 3, But It’s Currently Covered In Snow

Fortnite's most infamous dropping point, Tilted Towers, has returned for Chapter 3, although it's currently covered in snow.

If you played Fortnite during its rise to popularity in Chapter 1, you'll remember Tilted Towers, but how you feel about it is largely going to depend on how good at the game you were. If you were a skilled player then it was a haven for loot and racking up kills. Meanwhile, if you were more into Fortnite for the emotes then it was an area to be feared and avoided, never to be dropped into.

Thankfully for those players, Tilted Towers was removed from the map in Season 4, before being brought back and destroyed several times over. It was never quite the same after that first removal, though. Well, it looks like that fear is coming back in Fortnite: Chapter 3, as the new map has brought back Tilted Towers in its original form.

Eagle-eyed Fortnite insiders have analysed this chapter's new map and found buildings that look identical to Tilted Towers. There's one caveat though – it's currently completely covered in snow. If you go towards the area on the map, you'll only see a small part of a building poking out, and certainly nothing that resembles the original Tilted Towers.

This might make it seem like nothing more than a cheeky reference, but dataminers have discovered that the snow covering Tilted Towers will eventually thaw out and reveal the original building. Fortnite insider Shiina Tweeted, "TILTED TOWERS WILL BE 100% BE BACK BY WEEK 8!!! This is because one Week 8 Challenge is "Eliminate an opponent in Tilted Towers"!!"

To add evidence to this theory, Shiina also found an image of the Chapter 3 map that has all of the snow removed from it, implying that it will thaw out as time passes. That version of the map also has the same Tilted Towers structure, although it looks to be covered in some sort of stone. We might have to wait some time before we get Tilted back in all its glory.

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