Time On Frog Island: Beginner Tips

If you've just found yourself washed ashore in Time on Frog Island, you might find yourself lost, overwhelmed, or unsure of what to do next. Your boat is wrecked, your beloved plant is missing, and you've suddenly got a bunch of froggy neighbors.

So what exactly do you need to set sail again? Ultimately, you need to fix up your boat. But to do that, you'll need to befriend and help out the resident frogs, explore the islands, and maybe even uncover a secret or two. Here are our top tips to help you get started.

Speak To NPCs More Than Once

If you find yourself sent on an errand by a certain NPC but you have no idea where to go, try speaking to them again. More often than not, they'll give you an additional clue about where you need to go.

For example, when the Fisherman wants a feather, speaking to him again will direct you to the Chief.

Or, when speaking to the Chief about the flower he wants for a second time, he'll explain it only appears on rainy days.

You Can Sleep At Any Campfire

You have to collect three pieces of wood and put them on your campfire so you can rest each night, and your default campsite on the beach requires you to also have your plant and bedroll there too.

However, there is more than one campsite in the area and you can use any of them to rest at night, providing you collect the required wood. You don't need to return to the beach each night to rest.

Some Items Can Break

You'll be discovering and collecting various items throughout your stay on the island, and it's worth knowing that some of these items are breakable. In some cases, this is good news. For example, breaking a hive can give you a honeycomb, while breaking clams can result in pearls if you're lucky.

However, some items you don't want to break. For example, once you steal dodo eggs, dodos will charge at you and make you drop them, unfortunately breaking them in the process.

Jumping down from great heights while holding fragile items will make you drop and break them.

The Cartographer Is There To Help

You'll first meet the Cartographer to the west of the main island, trying to get between two rocks to retrieve their binoculars. Help them out and they'll start to appear in different areas of the island, guiding you to the next thing you need to do.

Once you free him, he'll direct you north of your location to find the Fisherman to get the rope, or when you need to find the wet flower for the Chief, he'll direct you to East Island. Don't forget to speak to him whenever you see him, as he might just give you the clue you need.

You Can Get Your Own Home And Garden Plot

Help the Carpenter find all his tools and then pay him three gold pieces over three days and he'll build you your own house, complete with a little plushie of the Carpenter himself.

Not only does this give you a place to store any mementos, but the bed inside allows you to sleep at any time instead of waiting for nightfall to use a campsite.

Restoring the Farmer's scarecrow heads will reward you with the Farmer teaching you about farming in your own little vegetable plot beside your house.

Certain Plants Have Added Benefits

Various plants found growing on the islands will give you special benefits, so it's always worth picking the plants and seeing what they can do. For example:

  • The green flat leaves will let you glide while you hold them.
  • The small round plants will give you a burst of speed once you grab one.
  • You can plant red mushrooms in the circular mud patches to create a large springy mushroom to jump on.

You Can Unlock Special Abilities

You can use the brewing machine in the Tavern to create different drinks, and some of those drinks give you special abilities. Experiment with different combinations to see what kind of effect it will have on you.

You Can Go Fishing

Once you've fulfilled the Fisherman's request and he's given you the rope, he'll also let you use his fishing crane and trap to go fishing, found to the west of the main island.

Placing in different items and waiting until the next day will reward you with various fish and items, so don't forget to try different bait and see what you get.

The Weather Affects Things

The weather affects various things on the island. For example, some items only appear in sunny or rainy weather, while some creatures — such as crows or grubs — don't appear in the rain.

If you need a certain weather type for something, sleep until the next day and hope for the weather you need.

Don't Forget To Explore

Fixing up your boat might be the main objective, but there's lots more that Frog Island has to offer.

There are racing trials to play around with and secrets to discover, so make sure you explore all three items and help out all the frogs to unlock additional content.

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