Titanfall Legends Was Reportedly Going To Bring Back BT

We've just had some new information about the cancelled upcoming Titanfall and Apex Legends game thanks to the Giant Bomb Game Mess Mornings stream. Jeff Grubb and Jan Ochoa have shared some information they claim to have on the cancelled game, which Grubb dubbed Titanfall Legends. The most important bit of news is the game was going to heavily feature BT, our favourite titan from Titanfall 2, and Blisk from Apex Legends.

Grubb made it seem like the cancelled game would be a single-player title, but not Titanfall 3. It seems no matter how much we pray for it, we just won't see it. As Grubb and Ochoa both exclaimed, we all love robots, so why aren't we getting the next big robot game?

Grubb said the game was supposedly going to feature Blisk finding the remains of the titans and it seemed BT was going to be brought back to life and upgraded. It's unclear if the pair would be working together or against each other. It would be interesting to see them become allies, especially as Blinsk was an antagonist in Titanfall 2.

Titanfall fans have been hit hard by news of the games in the last year or so. The multiplayer is effectively a no-man's-land, with hackers running rampant and ruining the play for anyone who tries to dip their toes, and the developer isn't doing anything to curb it. People have made custom servers to help keep it alive though.

This is the latest in a long line of video game culls, with Ubisoft recently cancelling a load of upcoming unannounced titles because playtesters didn't like them. Coalition has also reportedly cancelled two unannounced games.

It was also revealed on the podcast that Insomniac Games is reportedly looking at a Fall 2024 launch window for its upcoming Wolverine game. This game will supposedly feature a pre-X-Men Wolverine, so this could be a completely solo experience. Grubb added that it will differ from the studio's Spider-Man games as it will be several open world sections rather than one massive place.

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