Trivial Pursuit: Spongebob Squarepants Is Not An Instrument, But It Looks Fun

Is mayonnaise an instrument? Why was Patrick asking that question in the first place? Do you think you are a bigger SpongeBob fan than all of your friends? Well, now you can prove your knowledge of the little yellow fry cook in the new SpongeBob Trivial Pursuit game.

Company The Op developed this special SpongeBob-themed version; they’re also the team behind other licensed products like Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle and various Monopoly variants like Bob’s Burgers and Rick and Morty, proving they have the experience when it comes to adapting popular franchises into board games. Each player (or team) will take turns answering a question from 100 cards. For example, if you know how many Tony nominations the SpongeBob Broadway musical won, you will earn yourself a colored wedge—in case you were wondering, the SpongeBob musical won 12 Tony nominations.

Unlike other versions of Trivial Pursuit, however, players will not be moving around a board. Instead, they will roll a die to determine what category of question they will have to answer. Topics include songs, characters, locations, and general questions for Seasons 1-12. There are 600 questions in total, so there is plenty of variety to keep the game fresh and interesting for several play-throughs.

If you can’t get enough SpongeBob, The Op also makes a related board game called SpongeBob: Plankton Rising in which players have to assemble a team to take on the show’s tiny antagonist and protect the Krusty Krab’s secret recipe. Bonus points will be awarded to anyone who can tell us what Plankton’s computer wife is named.

The SpongeBob cartoons have been entertaining children for over 20 years and somehow doesn’t seem to get old. If you’re like us, you fondly remembering getting home from school, switching on the TV, and heading straight to Nickelodeon to see what SpongeBob was up to.

As an adult, you probably closely identify with Squidward’s dour attitude and his continual search for enjoyment in life. Reliving all of the nostalgia of your childhood in a single game is a pretty special experience, that we think you shouldn’t pass up. While we go re-watch the old seasons and take notes, be sure to check out this SpongeBob-themed Trivial Pursuit.

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