Troy Baker And Ashley Johnson Will Be In The Last Of Us TV Show

The original Joel and Ellie, Troy Baker, and Ashley Johnson took to the stage at the Summer Game Fest to tell fans that they were also in The Last of Us TV series, currently in production at HBO. We also learned that the series will wrap up filming tomorrow, with Neil Druckmann saying "it's closer than you think."

Unfortunately, the reveal of The Last of Us Part 1 – the new name for the remake bringing the game to PS5 – was leaked earlier today, spoiling the finale of the show. What was managed to be kept under wraps was the fact that the two actors who brought the beloved Joel and Ellie to life would each have roles in the new TV show.

While we don't know who the actors will play, it's unlikely they'll have major roles, as this would likely distract viewers and game fans. Instead, they'll probably have a cameo appearance, much like Nolan North's in the Uncharted movie.

Ashley Johnson spoke very highly of Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, the actors who will be portraying Joel and Ellie in the show. The characters are deeply beloved by fans, so it's nice for their original actors to give them their blessing.

In other Last of Us news, Druckmann said there would be no update on the Factions successor until 2023, though he did share some concept art for it. He was very coy, simply referring to it as "the game" and letting us know it was multiplayer, but we all know he's talking about Factions. A teasing tweet from Naughty Dog simply states, "Our biggest online experience is coming. More news next year… "

As for The Last of Us Part 1, that's coming to both PS5 and PC on September 2, 2022. Do we actually need a remake of it? It's been "rebuilt from the ground up," which hopefully means the gameplay and level design will be updated to reflect that seen in Part 2.

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