Ubisoft’s Project Q Has Been Cancelled

Ubisoft's Project Q, a "team battle arena" game that was announced last year following gameplay footage of it being leaked, has been cancelled, with the developers confirming its fate in a message on Discord.

Last year, footage of Project Q leaked online, showcasing a cartoonish arena game that resembled a battle royale. Footage showed that it was very early in development, but that didn't stop Ubisoft from confirming the leaks a short while later with a single piece of concept art, while also arguing against the claims it would include NFTs or be a battle royale.

As reported by Insider Gaming, Ubisoft shared a message from the game's developers in a Discord server for playtesters. The message confirms that Project Q has been cancelled, although it doesn't reference the situation at Ubisoft or confirm whether it's one of the three unannounced games or an additional cancellation outside those three.

The message reads, "The first closed test was a great milestone for us because of all the work put in from the team, your amazing support, and your great reception! We loved the amazing energy on this discord, it was our fuel for the project. Your feedback was a true gift and allowed us to grow as developers in order to do our best for you, our players. All these warm moments make this announcement harder to make: sadly we have to cancel our upcoming closed tests as Project Q will no longer continue development."

Although Project Q was technically announced by Ubisoft, we only had a single piece of concept art from it and it was never given an official name outside of Project Q. That means it could well count as one of the three unannounced games cancelled last week by the studio.

Ubisoft didn't formally announce much about Project Q when it was first revealed to be in development, but leaked gameplay footage gave us some ideas of what type of game it would be. The main thing setting it apart was its cartoon style and unique weapons, with weapons including things like decks of cards, hammers, fireworks, sticks, and paint guns.

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