Ultimate Sackboy Is An Endless Runner Coming To Mobile February 21

Sackboy is coming to mobile in an endless runner for both Android and iOS. And yes it is free to play. Developed by Exient in collaboration with PlayStation Studios, it sees LittleBigPlanet's Sackboy competing in Ultimates Games.

Exient says players will battle familiar enemies, swing through obstacles, and "hop, skip, jump and weave your way to the top". There is a variety of crafted worlds to see in this mobile title, and daily duels. As can be expected there are collectibles, with Ultimate Sackboy having "thousands" of clothing combinations to unlock and upgrade. Expect a growing catalogue of clothing options to be added to the game over the months ahead.

The mobile game will have you racing Sackboy along miniature racetracks alongside his pals, with head-to-head challenges, and a cutesy collection of enemies to vanquish.

Its developer Exient is based in the UK and Malta, with a special focus on making mobile experiences based on "world-renowned IP". It has been at work on the mobile title for some time, developing Ultimate Sackboy under license from Sony, after work on making a mobile version of Lemmings. Ultimate Sackboy had been previously available as part of closed testing for Android and iOS in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey, and Malta. But the game is now being prepped and readied for global release.

Ultimate Sackboy comes to Android and iOS on February 21. Those on Android can pre-register on the Google Play app store.

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