Valheim Is Becoming An Esport Thanks To Its First PvP Tournament

You can do a lot in Valheim, from making gigantic ice slides to launch your Viking longboat to creating incredible mountain-based strongholds that are frankly way better than anything I’ve ever seen from a Viking history textbook.

And you can even kill other players in Valheim if you were so inclined, but the game itself really isn’t about PvP combat. It’s more of a PvE game with a focus on exploration, survival, and occasionally launching yourself into the stratosphere because this game has some really wonky physics sometimes.

There’s little actual incentive to kill other players in Valheim, so some enterprising Vikings decided to create that incentive by organizing a tournament over on Twitch.

It’s called The Viking Legends and the inaugural tournament will air on Twitch this Saturday at 4 PM EST. The rules are simple: two teams of four Vikings enter a server completely naked and then take turns trying to destroy each other’s bases. Best three of out five matches wins the game.

Each match starts with a build phase of one hour for each team to gather as many resources as they can. Expect this phase to be a little boring as most Vikings are probably going to just cut down trees and gather stones, but there might be a few that try to take down a boss or two for some rare ingredients. And also, teams are free to try to scout out where their opponents are located during this time, but they’re not allowed to attack until after the hour is up.

The only rule during the build phase is that each team has to build one bed for each player and they all have to be right next to each other. That’s because the objective of each match is to destroy the enemy team’s beds.

After the build phase comes the attack phase. One team defends while the other attacks–if the defenders can keep their beds from getting smashed, then they win.

The Viking Legends sounds like it’ll be a grand old time, so tune in on Twitch on March 6 at 4 PM EST. Any proceeds from the stream will go to helping AbleGamers, an organization that gets people with disabilities into gaming thanks to controllers made specifically with accessibility in mind.

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