Valorant: New ‘Megapunk’ Skin Bundle Leaked

Valorant, no doubt, has some of the most unique weapons skins in any shooter title. The game features skins from fire-breathing dragons, known as ElderFlame in-game, cyberpunk-style Glitchpop skins, to Reaver, and now Megapunk. Megapunk is a brand-new weapon skin bundle originally datamined earlier this week on March 29, 2021, by ValorLeaks.

This new skin bundle takes you back to the Victorian era with its steampunk look. These are now officially added to the game with the newly released patch 2.06 in Valorant earlier this week. You can find the list of all the weapons this Megapunk skin is available for, below:

  • Ghost :1,775 VP (Silenced Pistol)
  • Spectre: 1,775 VP (Silenced Submachine Gun)
  • Bucky: 1,775 VP (Pump-Action Shotgun)
  • Marshal: 1,775 VP (Lever-Action Sniper)
  • Electroblade: 1,775 VP (Melee)

If you’re looking to buy the whole Megapunk skin bundle, it will cost you 6,734 VP. Players will have limited time to buy this new skin from the in-game store. Similar to other skins, players will be to unlock different tiers for these Megapunk skin using Radiant Points. Players can unlock Radiant Points by progressing through their battle pass. You can check out this skin in action below:

In other news, Valorant will be getting a new map called “Foxtrot” that already has its loading screen music leaked, thanks to the dataminer, ValorantExpress. This confirms that Riot Games is working on a brand-new map and will be releasing it in the game.

Riot Games has finally added a new enhanced Head-Related Transfer Function (HRTF) feature with the new patch 2.06. This feature allows players to detect the enemy movement position using their footsteps, reload sound, and spawn sound, accurately. Riot Games also released a video demonstrating this new feature that’s now available in the game. Take a look:

Apart from that, we also received some buffs for Yoru and Viper in the new patch 2.06. Here’s the complete breakdown of the notes and all of the new changes added with this new patch,

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