Vampire Survivors: How To Unlock All Arcanas

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Vampire Survivors combines simple gameplay with complex item choices, with random elements to ensure no two runs are exactly the same. With the help of Arcanas, you can equip powerful passive bonuses that can drastically change your playstyle or enable new item combos and synergies.

There are a total of 22 Arcanas you can unlock, but you'll only be able to select three to use each run, with some exceptions. You can enable or disable Arcanas entirely from the character select screen. Below, we'll take a look at how to unlock the Randomazzo to enable Arcanas, and how to unlock every unique Arcana.

How To Unlock The Randomazzo Relic

Before you can start unlocking and using Arcanas, you'll first need to unlock the Randomazzo Relic that is associated with them. Luckily, this Relic is fairly easy to unlock.

To get it, head north of the starting area in the fourth normal stage, Gallo Tower. After traveling north for a bit, the Randomazzo will be there, guarded by a few enemies. Defeat them and run over the Relic to permanently unlock it for all future runs.

Alternatively, you can unlock the Randomazzo and the first Arcana, Sarabande of Healing, by typing "randomazzami" while on the main menu. This will automatically unlock the Relic as if you had found it yourself.

How To Unlock Every Arcana

To unlock every Arcana, you will need to first unlock most of the game's characters. For the most part, unlocking Arcanas will involve getting certain characters to level 50, or reaching the 31 minute mark in every stage. Alterantively, to unlock these time-based Arcanas, you can type "aintnobodygottimeforthat" while at the main menu to automatically unlock them.

Listed below are all 22 Arcanas and their normal unlock method, as well as what they do.



How To Unlock

0 – Game Killer

  • You no longer gain XP, and Experience Gems turn into exploding projectiles. Treasure Chests always contain at least 3 items.
  • Defeat the final boss of Cappella Magna

1 – Gemini

  • Certain weapons always come with their counterpart.
  • Reach level 50 with Pugnala

2 – Twilight Requiem

  • Certain weapons' projectiles explode when they expire. The explosion damage is affected by your Curse stat.
  • Reach level 50 with Dommario.

3 – Tragic Princess

  • Certain weapons' cooldown is reduced while moving.
  • Reach level 50 with Porta.

4 – Awake

  • Gain 3 additional revivals. Each time you use a revival, gain 10% max health, 1 Armor, and 5% Might, Area, Duration, and Speed.
  • Reach level 50 with Krochi.

5 – Chaos in the Dark Night

  • Your projectile speed continuously changes between -50% and +50% over 10 seconds. Gain 1% projectile speed every level.
  • Reach level 50 with Giovanna.

6 – Sarabande of Healing

  • Healing is doubled, and recovering health damages nearby enemies equal to the amount recovered.
  • Unlocked upon obtaining the Randomazzo.

7 – Iron Blue Will

  • Certain weapons' projectiles gain up to 3 additional bounces and may pass through enemies and walls.
  • Reach level 50 with Gennaro.

8 – Mad Groove

  • Every 2 minutes, pulls all items, pickups, and light sources towards you.
  • Reach minute 31 in the Mad Forest or defeat Death.

9 – Divine Bloodline

  • Every point of armor you have increases the damage of certain weapons and reflects enemy attacks. Gain bonus damage depending on missing health, and defeating enemies with retaliatory damage increases your maximum health by 0.5.
  • Reach level 50 with Clerici.

10 – Beginning

  • Certain weapons gain 1 additional Amount. Your main weapon and its evolution gain 3 additional Amount instead.
  • Reach level 50 with Antonio.

11 – Waltz of Pearls

  • Certain weapons' porjectiles bounce up to 3 times.
  • Reach level 50 with Imelda.

12 – Out of Bounds

  • Freezing an enemy generates an explosion, and Orologion pickups appear more frequently.
  • Reach minute 31 in Gallo Tower or defeat Death.

13 – Wicked Season

  • Growth, Luck, Greed, and Curse are doubled at fixed intervals, and you gain 1% Growth, Luck, Greed, and Curse every 2 levels.
  • Reach level 50 with Christine.

14 – Jail of Crystal

  • Certain weapons have a chance to freeze enemies.
  • Reach level 50 with Pasqualina.

15 – Disco of Gold

  • Picking up coin bags triggers Gold Fever, and picking up gold restores an equal amount of health.
  • Reach minute 31 in the Inlaid Library or defeat Death.

16 – Slash

  • Certain weapons have a chance to critical hit. Critical hit damage is doubled.
  • Reach level 50 with Lama.

17 – Lost & Found Painting

  • Your Duration continuously changes between -50% and +50% over 10 seconds. Gain 1% Duration every level.
  • Reach level 50 with Poppea.

18 – Boogaloo of Illusions

  • Your Area continuously changes between -50% and +50% over 10 seconds. Gain 1% Area every level.
  • Reach level 50 with Concetta.

19 – Heart of Fire

  • Certain weapons' projectiles explode on impact. Light sources explode. You explode when damaged.
  • Reach level 50 with Arca.

20 – Silent Old Sanctuary

  • Gain 3 additional Rerolls, Skips, and Banishes. For every empty weapon slot you currently have, gain 20% Might and -8% Cooldown.
  • Reach minute 31 in the Dairy Plant or defeat Death.

21 – Blood Astronomia

  • Certain weapons generate a damage zone affected by Amount and Magnet. Enemies within your Magnet range take damage based on your Amount.
  • Reach level 50 with Poe.

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