Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong: Scene 5 Part 3 – Listen To Richard Or Help Prince Iverson Walkthrough

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  • Investigate Richard’s Leather Chair
  • Conversation With Richard and Prince Iverson
  • Take The Treatment Or Stay Will Halsey

With the incident at International Place fully investigated, Leysha returns to the Prince’s Quarters with Richard. Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong might be slowing down with its other characters in this Scene, however, Leysha has one of the hardest choices the game has asked you to make thus far.

This Scene revolves around Iverson, Halsey, and Leysha’s visions, and why Richard is so concerned about those three things meshing together. In the end, you will need to decide who to trust – Richard, or Prince Iverson. Spoiler warning for some serious story revelations. This guide will also cover spoilers that may have been gleaned from earlier Scenes too.

This guide is a work in progress, and more information will be added once it has been discovered.

Investigate Richard’s Leather Chair

This is easily missed as Richard’s apartment is very small, and there is not much you can do whilst here. The main goal of this section is to walk a few steps and talk to Halsey. If you have Auspex level three, however, you can use Psychometry on his red leather chair.

This will reveal a vision of Richard and Iverson talking about the destruction of a girl. It’s not said outright that this girl is Halsey. If you investigated Iverson’s apartment in Emem’s Scene, you will have found a document that expressly states that Halsey is dead. This will play into a conversation with Richard momentarily.

Conversation With Richard and Prince Iverson

This is essentially a prolonged conversation. Before the game whisks you away to talk to Iverson, Richard will inform you that Halsey is not real. This perfectly ties into all the information you have on Halsey thus far. Richard wants to give you medication to prevent Halsey from appearing, as her appearance is not a good sign.

Once this is done, you will head to Iverson’s office and you will have the opportunity to express your distrust. You can choose to hide your knowledge. Either way, this will eventually lead to Halsey telling you a vision.

You can tell Prince Iverson this vision, and no matter how you break it to her, she will be visibly shaken.

Take The Treatment Or Stay Will Halsey

This is a pretty difficult decision to make. You have conversed with both parties in this decision, and now you have to choose: do you take the treatment, or do you stay with Halsey.

This decision is not easy. It’s clear from the conversations you’ve had with everyone that Halsey is not real. The information other characters have gleaned reveals that Iverson arranged for Halsey to die, and Richard likely performed the execution.

Neither party in this race is being fully honest, which makes pulling the trigger even harder. Depending on which option you pick, there will be story ramifications. Taking the treatment will successfully purge Halsey from your mind.

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