VR Cover Introduces Quest 2 Tracking Ring Protector, More Color Options

VR Cover has restocked several items and introduced new color options for its Oculus Quest 2 range.

Additionally, the company is expanding its controller protector range, introducing a new silicone cover for the Quest 2 Touch controller tracking rings.

VR Cover has been around for many years and offers accessories for almost every VR headset on the market. Its latest range of products has focused on the Quest 2, including a new silicone facial interface that can replace the standard foam one provided by Facebook. The silicone cover is now available in orange and mint colors, joining previously available black, blue, red and more.

The Quest 2 controller grips, which previously launched in other regions, are now available on the Europe store in dark and light grey. The grips protect the controller body and feature straps that work in a similar manner to the Valve Index controllers, securing onto your hand and allowing you to release your grip without dropping the controllers.

VR Cover is also introducing new ‘Halo Controller Protectors’ that protect the tracking rings on the Quest 2’s controllers, pictured below. Similar to the grips, the new proctors are a silicone wrap for the controller’s tracking ring that VR Cover claim will provide extra protection during accidental collisions with your environment.

While we haven’t tested the protectors ourselves yet, VR Cover claims that the large holes featured in the design mean that controller tracking is not impacted.

The standard facial interface and foam replacement kit for Quest 2 is also back in stock in the Europe store, and will be restocked for the US and the worldwide store “in the new few weeks.”

You can visit the VR Cover store here.

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