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Wanted: Dead's combat focuses on a wide range of actions that can all be expanded with Skills, allowing you to perform Finishing Moves on injured enemies, throw Grenades, and even reduce the damage of incoming melee attacks, and so much more.

You are always doing something in Wanted: Dead, thanks to the game's hectic nature and groups of enemies that will force you to use every bit of your arsenal to make it out alive. Skills can impact anything from your Katana to your guns, making some more crucial than others and a top priority to obtain.

Skills Overview

Before you can unlock Skills in Wanted: Dead, you will first need to accumulate SP (Skill Points), which can be done through various methods. The best way to obtain SP is by defeating enemies in the game's Story Mode, which will likely give you enough SP to unlock everything before you reach the final stretch of Missions.

However, if you want to earn additional SP outside of Missions, you can do so by partaking in the various Mini-Games and activities found in the Police HQ. The table below will show you the SP payout per Mini-Game in Wanted: Dead, and we suggest taking advantage of these Mini-Games any chance you get, as you can accumulate quite a bit of SP by doing so.

Mini-Games SP Payout


SP Payout

Crane Game

+100 SP per new item

Figurines, Music, VHS Tapes, etc.


+80 to +100 SP per bowl of ramen

+80 SP for bowls two through three, +100 SP for bowls four and beyond.

Training Area

+100 SP per first clear

Payout increases by +100 SP per Star Challenge.

If you are looking for the best Skills to unlock at the beginning of the game, we have you covered with our guide on beginner tips for Wanted: Dead here!

Best Offense Skills

Offense Skills focus on refining and learning new actions in combat, allowing you to become even more of a deadly force of nature with your blade and guns. This Skill Tree has the most Skills out of the bunch, with 14 Skills total, so let's get into which ones you should target and prioritize over the others.

Best Offense Skills



Dash Attack

Execute a devastating slash with your Katana while sprinting.

Sliding Attack

Perform an upward slice with your Katana during a slide.

Standard Combo Extention

Adds an extra step during your Standard Combo.

(X > X > X > X) on Xbox Controller

Handgun Combo Extention

Extends your Handgun Combo

(Y > X > X > X > X) on Xbox Controller

Melee Adrenaline Rate Up

Accumulate more Adrenaline when landing melee attacks.

Adrenaline allows you to use Bullet Time and Bullet Time Aim

Parry Follow-Up

Allows you to attack immediately after parrying an attack.

Parry = Blocking an incoming melee attack just as it lands.

Handgun Counter Follow-Up

Land a devastating strike on your target after performing a counter.

Counter = Pressing 'Y' when you see an enemy attack flash red.

Melee Damage Up

Your melee attacks deal 15 percent more damage overall.

Best Defense Skills

Defense Skills are here to allow you to take more of a beating during combat encounters, giving you more healing items and ways to reduce incoming damage, which will be a massive help in the latter portions of the game. There are ten Defense Skills in the game, making it the second biggest Skill Tree in Wanted: Dead. Here are the ones you should focus on first!

Best Defense Skills



Guard Strength Increase

Enables you to block an additional attack before your guard breaks.

Power Parry

Allows you to parry once unblockable melee attacks.

Unblockable Melee attacks flash red when the enemy begins to swing.

Parry Window Increase

Doubles the timing window for landing a parry.

Increased Melee Defense

Reduces incoming melee damage by 15 percent.

Evade Window Increase

Triples the window of invulnerability when evading.

Armor Reinforce

Grants you Armor, reducing all incoming damage.

Stimpack +1

Allows you to hold an additional Stimpack (Healing Item).

Best Utility Skills

Despite only having eight Utility Skills, the Utility Skill Tree may be the most beneficial and crucial of the bunch, allowing you to use grenades and make other members of the Zombie Squad actually useful in combat. While the Skills in the Offense and Defense Trees are undeniably helpful, the ones present here enable you to squeeze a bit more out of the combat system.

Best Utility Skills



Incendiary Grenade

Allows you to use Incendiary Grenades alongside your Frag Grenades.

Quick Reload

Grants a 50 percent increase in Reload Speed.

An excellent Skill to use with some weapon builds.

Grenade +2

Gives you two additional Frag Grenades to use in combat.

Doc: Revive Overdrive

If Doc Revives you during battle, you receive a Stimpack full Adrenaline.

Doc can only revive you if he's in the Mission and only once per Checkpoint.

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