Warframe: A Complete Guide On Archon Shards

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Warframe's Veilbreaker update released a new endgame mechanic for players to sink their teeth into. Completing endgame Archon Hunts grant Archon Shards, a new upgrade resource which can be installed into your Warframes for major, additive stat increases.

Is there a Warframe you love that feels too squishy for Steel Path? You can use Archon Shards to fix that. Looking to min-max the Ability Strength of your current build? Archon Shards can help with that. This guide will cover what Archon Shards are, how to get them, what each Archon Shard does, and we'll answer some common questions surrounding this endgame upgrade system.

What Are Archon Shards?

Archon Shards are an upgrade material that can be socketed into your Warframes, granting them defensive, offensive, or utility stats. Warframes can have up to five Archon Shards installed at once, accessed through the Helminth system. You'll unlock the ability to earn and socket Archon Shards upon completing the "Veilbreaker" quest and crafting the subsequent Helminth component.

As for their overall usefulness, Archon Shards are an endgame progression system that lets you min-max your favorite Warframes by giving them stats that are otherwise difficult to obtain. For example, you can use Archon Shards to give your build more parkour velocity, a flat bonus to their armor stat, or increase your build's Ability Strength. This system gives you more options for experimentation and can free up mod space for some builds.

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How To Get Archon Shards

Archon Shards are obtained from Chipper and the weekly Archon Hunt activity, unlocked upon completing the "Veilbreaker" quest. You can access Archon Hunts from the Star Chart menu at the very top-right of the UI. Archon Hunts are functionally identical to Sorties, acting as a three-stage mission where players must overcome tougher foes and various modifiers.

Archon Rotation

Archons and their associated shards rotate each week. Players will fight Boreal (Azure), Amar (Crimson), and Nira (Amber) on a weekly rotation. If you are looking for a certain Archon Shard, keep an eye out for which Archon is active that given week.

Unlike Sorties, Archon Hunts always lead to an Archon boss fight for the final mission, reusing the Archon bosses seen in "The New War" quest. These enemies are incredibly tough, deal immense damage, and have two phases. Completing an Archon Hunt grants one Archon Shard. The shard that drops depends on the Archon you killed:

  • Azure: Boreal
  • Crimson: Amar
  • Amber: Nira

Besides the weekly Archon Hunt, you may also purchase an Archon Shard from Chipper, a vendor located at Drifter's Camp. You can purchase the shard for Stock, a resource tied to Kahl's weekly missions. Archon Shards may not be traded.

Tauforged Archon Shards

Completing an Archon Hunt has a 20% chance of giving you a Tauforged Archon Shard. This shard's associated buffs are 50% stronger than their standard counterparts, providing a more noticeable stat increase when equipped on your Warframe. Tauforged Archon Shards take the same space as your standard Archon Shards. Tauforged Archon Shards cannot be traded or crafted.

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Installing Archon Shards

Installing an Archon Shard requires a crafted Helminth Archon Shard Segment. The blueprint for this component is given to you upon completing the "Veilbreaker" quest. It costs the following materials to craft:

Helminth Archon Shard Segment
2 Entrati Lanthorn10 Devolved Namalon
5 Sporulate Sac50 Thrax Plasm
Crafting Cost: 50,000 CreditsCrafting Time: 24 Hours

You can find these components on Deimos or on the Zariman tileset. Upon crafting the segment, install it in your Helminth chair to unlock the Archon Shard system.

In the Helminth menu, click on the "Archon Shard" tab at the top-left of the UI. This will showcase your Warframe's current Archon Shard slots. Select one of the slots to install an Archon Shard. All owned Archon Shards are visible at the top-right of the menu.

Socketing an Archon Shard will showcase one of five options, each option tied to the color of Archon Shard you're installing. Select one of the stats to finish the installation. The Archon Shard's bonus stats will thereafter affect all of your Warframe's configurations until uninstalled.

Uninstalling Archon Shards

From the Archon Shard tab, select any Archon Shard that's installed in your Warframe. You'll be able to uninstall the selected shard for 50% Bile resources from your Helminth. The refunded shard can then be used on any Warframe you desire. You may do this as often as you like, so long as enough Bile is stored in your Helminth.

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Archon Shard Effects

Archon Shards grant additive bonuses to your Warframe; they are not affected by mods or Arcanes.

Azure Archon Shard Stats

Azure Archon Shard
EffectStandard IncreaseTauforged Increase
Shield Capacity+150+225
Energy Max+50+75
Health Regeneration+5/s+7.5/s

Crimson Archon Shard Stats

Crimson Archon Shard
EffectStandard IncreaseTauforged Increase
*Melee Critical Damage+25%+37.5%
*Primary Status Chance+25%+37.5%
*Secondary Critical Chance+25%+37.5%
Ability Strength+10%+15%
Ability Duration+10%+15%

*It's currently unknown if these buffs are additive to the weapon's base stats or equipped mods. We'll update this guide once Crimson Archon Shards are obtainable.

Amber Archon Shard Stats

Amber Archon Shard
EffectStandard IncreaseTauforged Increase
Maximum Energy Is Filled On Spawn+30%+45%
Effectiveness On Health Orbs+100%+150%
Effectiveness On Energy Orbs+50%+75%
Casting Speed+25%+37.5%
Parkour Velocity+15%+22.5%

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Arcon Shard FAQ

Can You Trade Archon Shards?

No, you cannot trade Archon Shards with other players.

Is There A Limit To How Many Archon Shards I Can Install On My Warframe?

You may only have five Archon Shards installed on a Warframe at a time. All five shards may be Tauforged. If you hit the Archon Shard cap and want to make changes, you may uninstall Archon Shards from your Warframe for the cost of 50% Bile from your Helminth.

What Are The Best Archon Shard Upgrades?

It depends, but here are some safe picks:

  • Azure: +Armor or +Energy Max
  • Crimson: +Ability Strength
  • Amber: +Energy Orb Effectiveness or +Parkour Velocity

All Archon Shard options are viable, but these options tend to work for most Warframe builds. Feel free to experiment and find which upgrades suit your build/playstyle the best.

Is There A Level Requirement To Using Archon Shards?

No, there isn't a Helminth requirement for using Archon Shards, but there's technically an MR requirement. The only prerequisites are a crafted Helminth Segment (which has an MR8 requirement) and the completion of the "Veilbreaker" quest. Your Helminth does not need any upgrades to install Archon Shards in your Warframes.

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