Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Definitive Edition: Every Character In The Game

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Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate is a huge game. There are tons of maps to play through, a very involved Story Mode, and even more ways to enjoy the horde-killing action that Musou games are now very well-known for. One of the most daunting aspects of the game is its humongous character list.

Not content with the simple blend of Dynasty Warriors with Samurai Warriors, the Orochi games also feature an extended cast full of original characters, either crafted in-house or plucked from history and mythology. Add to that some guest characters from other series and you have yourself a stacked cast.

How To Unlock Characters

Unlocking characters in Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate is a simple task – you simply have to play through the game, and you'll unlock them as you complete stages. The majority of the time, they'll be characters you save or meet during the stage itself.

This guide will list every character in the game, separated by the categories that the game divides them into.

Many stages in the game must be unlocked by talking to characters in your camp. They will appear in the Stage Selection screen with a different, round icon. If you have talked to everyone with your current character and not unlocked a stage, try changing your controlled character a few times – every character has different conversations they can have.

If a battle has the words 'Redux,' 'Salvation,' 'Rescue,' or 'Breakthrough' in its name, it is a sidequest.

Most of the characters in this game require that you simply complete a specific stage – Lu Bu, an iconic warrior from Dynasty Warriors, however, has some extra requirements, so be on the lookout for those.

Wei Characters

Cai Wenji2Battle of Anegawa
Cao Cao3Battle of Fan Castle
Cao Pi3Battle of Hulao Gate
Cao Ren2Battle of Mt. Dingjun
Dian Wei3Battle of Changban – Redux
Guo Jia3Battle of Fan Castle – Redux
Jia Xu1Battle of Dongkou
Pang De1Battle of Yiling
Wang Yi4Salvation at Nagashino
Xiahou Dun3Battle of Fan Castle
Xiahou Yuan1Battle of Nanjun
Xu Huang1Battle of Dongkou
Xu Zhu3Battle of Tong Gate
Zhang He2Battle of Xuchang
Zhang Liao1Battle of Ueda Castle
Zhenji3Battle of Hulao Gate

Wu Characters

Daqiao3Battle of Changban
Ding Feng1Battle of Odawara Castle
Gan Ning2Battle of Mikatagahara
Huang Gai1Battle of Dongkou
Lianshi1Battle of Nagashino – Redux
Ling Tong2Battle of Taoshui
Lu Meng2Battle of Hasedo – Redux
Lu Xun4Battle of Hefei
Sun Ce3Battle of Changban
Sun Jian3Battle of Honnoji
Sun Quan2Battle of Mt. Dinjun
Sun Shangxiang1Battle of Odawara Castle
Taishi Ci1Battle of Ueda Castle
Xiaopiao1Battle of Odawara Castle
Zhaoi Tai1Battle of Nagashino
Zhou Yu3Battle of Changban

Shu Characters

Bao Sanniang2Battle of Kyushu
Guan Ping3Battle of Jieting
Guan Suo1Battle of Mt. Miutou
Guan Yu2Battle of Mt. Dingjun
Huang Zhong1Battle of Yiling – Redux
Jiang Wei2Battle of Xuchang – Redux
Liu Bei3Battle of Chengdu
Liu Shan2Battle of Hasedo
Ma Chao1The Slaying of the Hydra
Ma Dai1Battle of Yiling
Pang Tong4Battle of Komaki-Nagakute
Wei Yan2Battle of Nanzhong
Xingcai2Battle of Xuchang
Xu Shu1Speak to Xu Shu after beating the Battle of Yiling – Redux
Yueying2Chaos at Tetorigawa
Zhang Fei3Battle of Yangping Gate
Zhao Yun3Battle of Yangping Gate
Zhuge Liang3Battle of Chengdu

Jin Characters

Deng Ai1Battle of Dongkou
Guo Hai1Battle of Nagashino
Sima Shi3Battle of Tong Gate
Sima Yi3Battle of Hulao Gate
Sima Zhao1The Slaying of the Hydra
Wang Yuanji1Battle of Ueda Castle
Xiahou Ba2Battle of Mt. Dingjun
Zhong Hui4Siege of Luoyang
Zhuge Dan1Battle of Ueda Castle

Samurai Characters 1

Hanzo Hattori3Battle of Yangping Gate
Hideyoshi Toyotomi1Battle of Nagashino
Keiji Maeda2Battle of Luoyang
Kenshin Uesugi3Battle of Osaka Castle
Kunoichi1Battle of Yiling
Magoichi Saika2Battle of Mt. Dingjun – Redux
Masamune Date2Battle of Luoyang
Mitsuhide Akechi3Battle of Honnoji – Redux
No3Battle of Honnoji
Nobunaga Oda3Battle of Honnoji
Oichi2Battle of Xuchang
Okuni3Battle of Luo Castle
Ranmaru Mori1Battle of Nagashino
Shingen Takeda3Battle of Osaka Castle
Yukimura Sanada1Battle of Nagashino

Samurai Characters 2

Ginchiyo Tachibana1Battle of Dongkou
Ieyasu Tokugawa3Battle of Chengdu
Ina3Rescue at Yiling
Kanetsugu Naoe2Battle of Anegawa
Kotaro Fuma3Siege of Shouchun
Mitsunari Ishida3Battle of Tong Gate
Motochika Chokosabe2Battle of Liang Province
Nagamasa Azai2Battle of Hasedo
Nene2Battle of Xuchang
Sakon Shima1Battle of Ueda Castle
Tadakatsu Honda3Battle at Yangping Gate
Toshiie Maeda2Battle of Anegawa
Yoshihiro Shimazu1Battle of Odawara Castle
Yoshimoto Imagawa2Battle of Liang Province

Samurai Characters 3

Aya3Battle of Shizugatake
Goemon Ishikawa2Battle of Kyushu
Gracia3Battle of Guangzong
Hanbei Takenaka1The Slaying of the Hydra
Kai1Battle of Odawara Castle
Kanbei Kuroda1Battle of Dongkou
Katsuie Shibata2Battle of Xuchang
Kiyomasa Kato2Battle of Hasedo
Kojiro Sasaki2Purge at Nanzhong
Masanori Fukushima1Battle of Shouchun
Motonari Mori2Battle of Sekigahara
Muneshige Tachibana2Battle of Mt. Xingshi
Musashi Miyamoto1Battle of Odawara Castle – Redux
Ujiyasu Hojo3Battle of Changban

Other Characters

Da Ji2Battle of Sekigahara
Diaochan3Battle of Tong Gate
Dong Zhuo3Battle of Chengdu
Fu Xi3Battle of Honnoji
Kiyomori Taira4World's End
Lu Bu3Battle of Osaka Castle – you will need to meet Lu Bu before he dies with Diaochan in your setup
Meng Huo2Battle of Nanzhong
Nuwa3Battle of Fan Castle
Orochi4World's End
Sun Wukong4World's End
Taigong Wang1Battle of Shouchun
Yoshitsune Minamoto1Battle of Shouchun
Yuan Shao2Battle of Jiange
Zhang Jiao3Battle of Guangzong
Zhurong2Battle of Nanzhong
Zuo Ci2Battle of Anegawa
Achilles2Battle of Sekigahara
Ayane2Battle of Hasedo
Benkei2Battle of Anegawa
Dodomeki4View the Ending
Gyuki4View the Ending
Himiko2Battle of Sekigahara
HundunComplete Gauntlet Mode to unlock Hundun
Joan of Arc2Battle of Mt. Dingjun
Kaguya1The Slaying of the Hydra
Kasumi2Battle of Yan Province
Kyubi7Escape from the Mystic Realm
Momiji3Battle of Wan Castle
Nemea2Battle of Kyushu
Nezha4World's End
Nezha (Human Form)7War in the Mystic Realm
Orochi X4World's End
Rachel2Battle of Jiangdong
Ryu Hayabusa2Battle of Anegawa
Sanzang2Battle of Taoshui
Seimei Abe1Struggle for Ueda Castle
Shennong3Defense of Yangping Gate
Shuten Doji2Battle of Xuchang
Sophitia2Battle of Liaodong
Sterkenburg2Battle of Xu Province
Susano'o4World's End
Tamamo8Showdown at Odawara Castle
Yinglong7Talk to Yinglong at the camp

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