Warzone 2 Uber Driver Picks Up Game’s First Zero-Kill Win

Warzone 2.0 launched last week and some of the stories to spring from it in that time have been somewhat unexpected. Players roleplaying as Uber drivers, for instance. A fun and different way to enjoy the game, and if you find the right people to ferry around, your kindness might well be rewarded with a BR win.

That's what happened to streamer Bre Eazyy who shared her impressive exploit on Twitter. Bre pieced together moments from a Warzone match during which she picked up players and took them around the map. Unlike Ziccs, who seems to have started the Warzone Uber trend, Bre doesn't appear to be asking for money in return.

Masquerading as an Uber driver earned Bre something far more valuable than in-game money. The streamer managed to win a match without killing a single person. Still in the same car at the end, which is impressive in itself, Bre asks her final opponent if they want a fistfight to determine a winner. They don't answer and proceed to shoot at the car, but amid the chaos, Bre's rival gets consumed and killed by the storm.

Just as surprised by how things turned out as those watching her live probably were, Bre celebrates the win and wrote on Twitter that it was the first-ever zero-kill win on Warzone 2. While it'll be hard to prove if that's true or not, it's probably safe to assume Bre was the first to win a match while roleplaying as an Uber driver for its entirety.

Warzone's Uber driver trend has been made possible by the sequel's new proximity chat feature. Players are able to talk to one another when within a certain distance, something that comes with pros and cons. While roleplaying as an Uber driver is a fun advantage of Warzone's proximity chat, players using it to be toxic is obviously a pretty big con. It can be turned off, but that may well mean missing out on a free ride. Warzone studio Activision continues to face various lawsuits following the results of an investigation into its work culture filed last year.

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