Watch Dogs 3 set in London claim new rumours

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the story though is a comment in passing that the setting for Watch Dogs 3 is in fact London.

This was first rumoured as far back as 2017, once again because of teases by Ubisoft themselves, with an extended ending to Watch Dogs 2 that also mentions the Middle East and Europe.

Everyone since has taken it as read that Watch Dogs 3 is real and is set in London, which is presumably why the Kotaku reference is so brief.

With no Assassin’s Creed game out this year, and Far Cry having just released a new game, there’s also a very good chance Watch Dogs 3 is Ubisoft’s big Christmas title for this year.

If it is true you can only imagine the lengths they’ll go to in order to avoid any political commentary in this one…

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