Watch Dogs Legion City Of London Photograph Evidence And City Of Westminster Disrupt Propaganda Guide

If you want to liberate all boroughs in Watch Dogs: Legion, you’ll need to photograph evidence in the City of London and disrupt propaganda in the City of Westminster districts. You’ll have to do much more besides, but these two are arguably the most difficult to figure out. Here’s what you need to do.

City of London District – Photograph Evidence

You can see that this one is underground somewhere, but there’s no obvious route down to it. That’s because there is no route for a human. You need a drone. Go slightly southeast and you’ll find a GBB World News Sport van, along with a news drone that you can hijack. Take it over and head through the broken vent that juts out of the ground nearby, as you can see in the image above. Fly down it.

Fly down through the dark tunnel and you’ll come to a door you can’t pass. Look up and to your right for another vent here. Fly through. You’ll come to the room with the evidence. Press down on the D-pad to toggle camera mode and take a photo. Job done.

City of Westminster – Disrupt Propaganda

Head to the location marked on the map and hijack any drone nearby. Fly it up to the roof and you’ll be able to call in a cargo drone from there. Alternatively, use a construction worker who has a cargo drone summon to skip that step entirely and just get on your cargo drone.

However you do it, pick yourself up and fly up to the roof. From there, take over the camera in the cage next to the objective. Hijack the spider bot inside the cage and head through the vent and out the other side. Now switch back to your cargo drone and fly that to next to your spider bot to act as a platform for it to jump off. Jump onto it and over, then through the vent on your right to the objective. Now you’re bringing down The Man.

Ubisoft’s open-world hacker game is out today, and you can read our review of Watch Dogs: Legion at that link. If you’re wondering whether to kill or upload in Watch Dogs: Legion’s 404 mission, there’s a guide for that as well.

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