Watch out, Funkos: Video game rubber duckies are here

This may look like a Donald Trump Peep candy shoved into a snow dome, but no, dear reader, it’s not. It’s a rubber duckie, based on Fallout’s Nuka-Cola Pinup Girl. What, couldn’t you tell? More importantly, it’s a Tubbz, and it is definitely 2019’s most available collectible or toy.

Skyrim’s Twitter burped out something earlier this day that made us all go “Hnnnnh?” in Slack.

Look, it’s Jarl Baalgruf as a rubber duck! The human language really is capable of forming totally unique sentences every day, isn’t it? That’s the kind of conversation piece you’re getting with a Tubbz, folks. Can Funkos do that? Thought so. Here’s Ulfric close up:

“Legends don’t poot in the bathtub …”

Go over to the cats who make these things, though, and you’ll see they’ve got some serious licensing muscle to mold that vinyl: Destiny, Borderlands, Spyro and Street Fighter are all in the Tubbz stable of brands. Here, I promise this is Blanka, and not Dog the Bounty Hunter:


The marketing copy for this actually creates a new word: Quackouken! Such is the innovative might of Tubbz. Blanka’s bathing buddies include Ryu, Ken and Chun Li. If you’re more into movies or comic books, there’s a Ghostbusters line, a Batman foursome and a Lord of the Rings quartet.

None of these are out yet. They’re all up for pre-order, and they run $12.99 each through Geek Store. They come in a collectible bathtub display box with a clear top. What, you’re actually gonna take it in the bath with you?

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