We stayed in 5-star gaming suite at W London – Game on or game over?

A 5-star space overlooking Leicester Square and Chinatown, the W London is a super-sleek, ultra-modern hotel with a unique selling point that will be of particular interest to gamers. The first of its kind in the UK, the W London has transformed its lavish WOW Suite into a Gamer’s Paradise, complete with everything you need to get your game on within the heart of the capital. Will the W London’s Gaming Suite catch on? We stayed the night to find out.

Bookable until April, the W London’s gaming space is first and foremost a luxurious suite designed for comfort.

As you walk into the suite you’re greeted by the W London’s impressive gaming rig (but more on that later), as well as a huge sofa and giant TV screen, complete with access to the latest blockbuster movies and streaming services (you just need to login with your username and password).

Beyond the spacious living room you’ll find the bedroom, which contains another huge screen for watching TV in bed, plus wall to wall windows with a view of Leicester Square. Stay on the day of a big movie premiere and you’ll be sure to spot a celebrity or two.

The bathroom is arguably the most impressive of all the rooms, with two sinks, a dedicated walk-in shower room and a mammoth bath tub for a late night soak.

Splashes of bright colour, fully customisable room lighting (that’s controlled with an iPad), and quirky furnishings provide a strong sense of style that’s both modern and trendy, while still feeling quintessentially British.

Of course, if you’re a gamer staying in the capital, then the main event is the W London’s hugely impressive gaming set up.

The gargantuan Cyberpower PC is home to NVIDIA’s MSI GeForce RTX 4090 SUPRIM X 24G graphics card, which runs the latest games on the highest settings at the fastest speeds.

You’ve also got an Xbox Series X console with Game Pass if you’re up for some high-powered console gaming, plus a desk full of Hyper X goodies including a microphone, keyboard, mouse and headset.

The dual-monitor set-up is headlined by Samsung’s spectacular 55” Odyssey Ark curved monitor, which practically wraps you up like a blanket in order to fully immerse players within their favourite gaming worlds.

The excellent Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 gaming chair and Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk are the cherry on top of a fantastic gaming rig that would be the envy of any gamer.

In addition to the microphone, a couple of Elgato Key Lights on either side of the display makes it particularly appealing to content creators and serious streamers, particularly when you consider the hefty £1,500-a-night price tag.

Slightly less consistent is the special “brain food” menu created using DIRTEA mushroom extract.

Ordered to the room using the DigiValet system on the aforementioned iPad, the menu ranges from delicious snacks to somewhat dubious drinks.

The DIRTEA Protein Balls and Granola Squares are surprisingly scrumptious, and you can’t go wrong with Halloumi Sliders and Chicken Bao Buns.

Less appealing are the warm DIRTEA shots, which fall into the “acquired taste” category.

Fortunately, if DIRTEA’s calming benefits aren’t to your tastes, the W London has a complimentary gym, steam room and sauna for further relaxation, plus a range of spa treatments that you’ll need to book in advance.

Ultimately, however, if you’re a content creator with a big following and even bigger budget, then London’s new £1,500-a-night luxury gaming suite is a veritable streamer’s paradise.

The elaborate gaming rig provides everything you need to keep your Twitch viewers happy, while the lavish 5-star facilities ensure you’re suitably rested and relaxed when you do finally call it a night and hang up your controller.

While the price tag makes it tough to recommend to everybody, the W London is definitely on to something in its attempts to appeal to gamers. Here’s hoping more hotels follow suit.

For more information and booking details, visit the W London website.

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