Weird West Delayed To March 2022

Like most holiday plans in the past two years, your trip to the Weird West has been delayed. Devolver Digital and WolfEye Studios' immersive sim was scheduled for a January 2022 launch, but a recent video update by Raphaël Colantonio has revealed that it will now launch on March 31, 2022.

"As we are playing our own game, on one hand we realise that the game is really great, on the other hand we realize that it's not quite ready yet," said Colantonio. "The game is being tested in a private beta and they're having a blast. However we want to iron out a few stuff [sic], because we are committed to delivering the best experience."

"We have a long history of making immersive sims," he continued. "And we all know how great those games can be when it all comes together. You know, every player has their own experience, and there's so many things that can happen, and some of those things can be great, and some of those things can not be so great, so we want to deliver the best experience as possible. This is why we're pushing the game to March 31st 2022. Thank you for your patience."

As the co-founder of Arkane Studios, Colantonio has delivered some of the most compelling immersive sims, like Dishonored and Prey. Weird West will take players to a dark and mystical version of the old West. It adapts to the player's actions, even if it means wiping out entire towns and killing mission critical NPCs.

We got a preview of the game in November, and here's what we thought: "Weird West, though, doesn’t come to life unless it’s being played – no amount of screenshots or trailers will ever do it justice. Even when it consciously recognises limitations – the world is split into individual levels, for example, which you fast travel between – it somehow manages to wrench them into unique advantages. Missions need to be completed in a certain amount of time and fast travel is defined by how many hours it takes to traverse a certain distance. If you’re frugal, you might be able to set up camp and rest before a job expires. If you’re not, you’d better kiss that bounty goodbye. Nothing about Weird West goes unconsidered – someone, somewhere, has thought of every possibility."

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